Wednesday , October 20 2021

You did not play county cricket to return to the side of the test – M Vijay


Opening M Vijay made it clear that he was not going to play county cricket in Essex to go back to the Indian test team. After making 20, 0, 6, 0 and 0 in the first two tests of the five-game series of India in England, Vijay was not chosen in XI for the third test and then was eliminated from the squad during the last two games. MSK Prasad, the chairman of the selection panel, however, chose Vijay for the four-round series in Australia, pointing to the rich form that Vijay had achieved in Essex.

After being eliminated from the test squad, Vijay signed up with Essex and played three matches in the County Championship, marking 56, 100, 85, 80 and 2. Speaking to journalists during the first round of Tamil Nadu last week at the Ranji Trophy, Vijay said that he did not have his technique either.

"Most importantly, I should keep faith in me," said Vijay when asked if the show of faith of team management led him to Australia was a confidence booster. "I've never been to the county cricket to go back to the team. I just played a cricket, and thought it was the ideal time for me to explore the county. It happened that I could do and give me an opportunity."

In 2018, Vijay had a poor performance on Test Cricket plus one hundred at home in the inaugural Afghanistan test. In five games elsewhere, three in South Africa and two in England, he made 128 races without a single half century. Despite the returns below the parents, Vijay said there was nothing wrong with his technique and that he tried to find the right mental balance that allowed him to get the clues in Essex. "There was no adjustment," he said. "It was a great experience because it was not easy. I should thank Essex for having it and give me the opportunity to play the way I wanted. We had a crucial three games and really motivated me. I could intensify and contribute, so I was happy to have some experience there. "

The management of the Indian team took in accepting the absence of warm-up games in South Africa and England was one of the factors that lost the series of tests. But for the Australia series, India will have some quality game practice. Along with several regular tests, Vijay is part of India. A team for its first four-day match against New Zealand A, which begins on November 16 at the Oval Bay in Mount Maunganui. Between that game and the first test in the Adelaide Oval that begins on December 6, India will also have a four-day meeting in Sydney, as Ajinkya Rahane had revealed earlier this week.

Vijay, who scored 482 races at an average of 60.25 on India's final tour of Australia in 2014-15, hosted the play to get an extra game hour before the test series. "For me it's a mental game. It's never been a question of my ability. On this occasion, we plan very well. We're going a bit early and we'll get some practice games in Australia before playing the first game Test. This will be ideal for We hope that our children can grow up as a team and put their best foot.

"Any international game is more a mental game than the attack or the conditions. For me it's keeping a clear mood during practice and preparation. It's helping me with every game I play. It's just a matter of time. Where can I get a great one? ".

Although he acknowledged that the conditions in New Zealand would be quite different from those of Australia, Vijay stressed that India A game was more about getting a "game practice and getting some races and being in the best way I can."

On the tactics to be adopted in Australia, Vijay said it was important not to let players like Nathan Lyon find their way. "You can not give players the chance to settle in their lengths. And above all a soccer player of their caliber, you have to be at the top of the game all the time. Nathan Lyon and I have had good competition going, then I like to resume the Challenge. Get some races and put it on the back. "

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