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As the populist people of Europe have contributed to the measles epidemic

82,596 were infected by measles in Europe in 2018, according to the World Health Organization. There are fifteen times more than 2016. Vibeke Riiser-Larsen looks more closely at the role of populist parties in this dramatic round.

According to the World Health Organization, measles killed 72 children and adults in the European region in 2018.

82,596 people in 47 (out of 53) countries were infected. This is the highest number of cases this year, three times higher than 2017 and fifteen times higher than 2016.

The World Health Organization reports more than 229,000 cases around the world in 2018.

The global increase was 32% in 2018, mainly caused by an explosion of cases in Venezuela, as well as the decline in vaccine numbers in Europe. All continents had a tail, except the western Pacific Ocean, Australia, New Zealand and the yeast states of the area.

Health specialists warn that vaccinated skeptics are involved in reducing the levels of immunity against measles, HVP (cervical cancer), flu and other diseases. His views intervene through the social media and support of populists as skeptical as those of the medical authorities.

How do we get here? The reasons for that are many, but we'll see them more closely: biopoboism.

A new populism

entry into it The Economist We see the contours of a new type of populism biopoboado. The point is that European populists want the same to apply to bodies for nations: purity, unity and self control.

The populist health policy deals with the citizens who are protected from the effects of the outside world of their doctors, the regulations designed by politicians or diseases that immigrants are believed to bring with them and thus control their own progression of the disease.

These ideas are addressed, again in agreement The Economist, combined recklessly with a first libertarianism and a herd mentality originated by a form of anti-expertise.


To explain various outbreaks of disease, politicians point to immigrants as a cause. However, it shows that immigrants are usually better vaccinated than the general population. They are active users of the local healthcare system where they are and often have objections to vaccines and vaccination.

However, for example, Navy Le Pen, the French leader of the party called Rassemblement National, fought against what she calls bacterial immigration. While Victor Orban, populist prime minister of Hungary, second The Economist calls to married migrants.

An animation video made for use in the social media of the Freedom Party, which is part of the Government of the Kingdom, shows Ali, a patient with fez and mustache, and his trial and error when seeking a hospital.

Theories of conspiracy in Italy

For those who came to power as part of the country's populist coalition government, the members declared that the two anti-government parties of Italy Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S), the Five-star Movement of Norway and its allies in government, or External lease Lega Nord, say that vaccines are not safe.

In 2015, M5S proposed the ban on vaccines. They justify it by stating that there is a relationship between vaccines and diseases such as leukemia, poisoning, inflammation, immunodeficiency, hereditary genetic mutations, cancer, autism and allergies.

Beppe Grillo, the comedian and blogger who founded the Five Star Movement, long ago doubted the vaccines.

Movement in motion

However, in 2017, Italy had the second measles outbreak in Europe, with more than four thousand cases and four deaths. This came after a period of torso where the vaccination rate for the first time in dec decreased to less than 90%.

With this as a backdrop, the Five Star movement is just what is in motion. Not long ago, Beppe Grillo signed a scientific provocation pact, launched by Roberto Burioni, professor of medicine in Milan, who became a clear voice in the election campaign.

Thus, Lega Nord could fill the vacuum left by the government partner. Hunger of the votes of the anti-vaccine movement, Matteo Salvini, the interior minister of Italy and the leader of Lega Nord, adopted the arguments of Brillo. The flame, second The Economist Vaccines are useless and, in many cases, dangerous and harmful, and try to reverse the law of mandatory vaccinations.


The number of measles in Europe tripled three times from 2017 until 2018. It is especially a country that drives the figure: Ukraine. There, more than 54,000 cases were reported in 2018, of which were sixteen.

The emerging epidemic is the most massive during the post-vaccination period, a Ukrainian specialist in childhood infectious diseases said in the journal science. Only in December, the country had 15,000 cases and seven deaths and the epidemic, according to the country's health department, seems to get worse.

The Minister of Health in Ukraine blames a couch, war, lack of political efforts by politicians and feelings against the vaccine in the country.

Aversion to vaccines played an important role in Ukraine. In 2008, a 17-year-old ring after receiving measles vaccine died for causes other than the vaccine, according to WHO and UNICEF. As a result of the drop in data, there was a large decrease in the vaccination rate. It dropped from 97% in 2007 to 56% in 2010. Since then, it has reached 79% slow but surely in 2012.

Chaos and cases of vaccines

But in 2014, the president was released after ferocious protests. Russia annexed the Crimea and a vpnet conflict broke out in Ukraine. In prevailing chaos, sufficient vaccinations were not ordered. As a result, only 42% of all children were vaccinated in 2016. Only 31% of the sexes received the recommended follow-up vaccine. It is one of the lowest rates in the world.

In December, Oleksandra Ustinova, a board member of the Center for Action against Corruption headquartered in Kiev, held an interview The Guardian, that low vaccination rates are partly the result of several campaigns against the vaccine.

Both she and Kateryna Bulavinova, a medical expert at the Unicef ​​department of Ukraine, say that the vaccination becomes part of the election campaigns of the court for parliament and the presidency:

With any election, with any change of power, politicians speculate on the vaccines, which is very bad, says Bulavinova.


In Great Ritannia, like most other places in Europe, was a discussion about the need for vaccines, which led to the proportion of children who fall into the MMR vaccine for the fourth consecutive year.

The proportion of children under two years of age for the MMR vaccine is currently 91.2%. To avoid mass shoots, a vaccine population of 95% is needed, according to the World Health Organization.

This led to an outbreak in England with more than nine hundred infected last year a triple of figures from the right fr.

In Italy, which before was a pioneer of good vaccination practice, the numbers have fallen since 2005 and are lower than in Ghana.

France, Serbia and Greece also had a significant increase. The number of cases of illness in Greece doubled between 2016 and 2017, in France that doubled in the same period.

Trump Awareness and Autism

Before the presidential elections, Donald Trump often questioned the vaccines, as it is, from 2014:

A healthy child goes to the doctor, pumps with massive shots of many vaccines, does not feel good and changes the AISIÓN

He invited the discredited British surgeon Andrew Wakefield, who mistakenly stated that there was a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism, to one of its inaugural balls, namely, those grand meetings to celebrate a new presidency.

A 2016 study found that three followers of Trump believed that vaccines caused autism.

Antichristian vaccination

Vaccine skeptics that we had as long as vaccinations.

Although not the first, British doctor, Sir Edward Jenner, began protecting patients with smallpox injecting them with a cow, a related but lighter variant of the virus. His first research report, published in 1796, was rejected and rejected by The Royal Society in London, explaining that it was too revolutionary.

Even after a later report he further documented the role of vaccines, Jenner was ridiculed. No less important by the clergy who thought that this was unnatural and not Christian.

A comic strip of 1802 grams in that they show small heads of cow that squeeze by mouth, noses and tubes of patients that have been vaccinated.

Failures and errors of thought

The irony is, according to Daniel Salmon, director of the Vaccine Safety Institute of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, which vaccines are being questioned today for their success.

They did not have glasses in EE. UU. And in Europe almost seventy years. And as early as today, they remember the epidemics of polio from the 1940s and 1950s that killed or paralyzed half a million people in the court, many of them smaller.

The feeling of fear moves, says Salmon, of the diseases that are effectively treated, to the vaccines themselves.

Another problem that points out is that the first signs of developing problems in a child's life, such as autism, often appear at the age of the torso. High at the same time as children vaccinate. It often facilitates people to believe that there is a connection.

This is a normal and understandable fallacy, says Salmon, but it is a big problem with regard to vaccination. We are often anxious about the things we can not control. And when it comes to vaccinations more people who do not have control, concludes.


The five-star movement and Lega North issued conspiracy theories about the vaccines before they came to power. But after entering into possession, they decided that more than one million children and young people will be vaccinated against measles, as a result of the situation they face.

There is light in the tunnel. Although we see a high number of outbreaks of diseases, there have never been many children vaccinated in Europe as in 2018.

Therefore, for the maximum we believe that this trend continues.



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