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Carlsen opened the World Cup with a brak. Then he started playing.

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London: Fabiano Caruana (26) finally finished the debut of the World Cup with Remis. But in each case he learned one thing: the next weeks will be a bloodshed.

– My game was not very good. I was lucky, says Caruana at the press conference after the party.

It was Magnus Carlsen (27) who had the disadvantage of black pieces. But in the end it was Caruana who had to fight against the back against the wall. Only after seven hours of play could American money be in half points. in agreement journalist Mike Klein This is the longest match between the two rivalries.

– I showed that today I did not play for remis. But I do not excite the result, "said Magnus Carlsen.

"Even so, if you look at the tournament as a whole, I'm in a situation a little better than yesterday," said Carlsen, referring to the fact that he had already completed one of the blacks.

The movements allowed the public to stand up

When it turned out, it seemed like eternity from the first phase of the game, where Carlsen surprised Caruana.

"Magnus played very aggressively. He obviously had thoughts of marking his authority since the start of the World Cup," said co-editor of the British magazine Chess Magazine John Saunders.

Saunders was among the chess enthusiasts who followed the dramatic party with argus eyes in the World Cup.

Carlsen and Caruana sat on a stage. A glass wall separated us from the crowd. It was good, because more movements allowed the public to emerge. Before controlling time by 40 movements, Caruana was very thin, but Carlsen did not find the best moves. The game ended with Carlsen pressed for several hours in the last game – without breaking.

Thus, the players began with remis, like in all the previous matches of the World Cup in Carlsen.

Carlsen could be the first player to win the opening of a World Cup since Veselin Topalov in 2010. He would also give a great psychological uptake, he thinks Saunders.

"Now, as Caruana fled with remission, psychology works in a different way. It is an impressive escape from Caruana.

"Magnus has played a good game today, but he has to finish," added Saunders.

Thought that Carlsen wanted to surprise

When he woke up at the Rosewood luxury hotel on Friday morning, Magnus Carlsen had played 16 World Cup matches with black pieces. Not once played the Sicilian defense.

But this time the boss broke.

In the study of VGTV, Jon Ludvig Hammer believed that the purpose of the Sicilian defense was "to surprise" Caruana.

Regardless of whether it is correct or not: Magnus Carlsen eventually got control of the party. After two and a half hours, Russian chess Aleksandr Grisjtsjuk, an expert on during the World Cup, described Caruana's position with the words "sad" and "desperate".

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– Few will think this

In his 21st draw, Carlsen offered a peasant. Then it became clear that the Norwegian was on a trip to the vulnerable King of Caruna.

Caruana was under enormous pressure.

"It's an ideal scenario for Magnus. He pushes both the position and the time with black in the first part. Few thought this before the World Cup, said Chief Expert Atle Grønn in the NRK study.

However, it was impressive with the attempt. At one point, Carlsen had an equivalent advantage to three farmers: a solid level finish. But he could not put the grace.

Caruana grew up in control of time – after 40 moves – never finished in precarious problems again. Thus, the players are just before the second round, with Carlsen getting white pieces. It could be a difficult new day for Caruana.

– This is the World Cup. I spill all the falls of the stone. If it does not work, it will not work.

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