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"Caruana lost twice what will be his great force against Carlsen


LONDON (VG) Fabiano Caruana (26) had white pieces in two of three games – but it is not clear to create anything. You can go beyond self esteem.


He is the chess expert, Leontxo García, in the great Spanish show El País after Caruana and Champion of the World Magnus Carlsen (27) played remissions for the third consecutive time World Cup game in London.

"For the second time, Fabiano has no chance of gaining any advantage with white pieces, one of its strong points in relation to Magnus will be opening preparations. Everyone agrees that it is better than Magnus in it. Therefore, it will probably affect Fabiano mentally that can not take advantage of this time the advantage of the white pieces, "Garcia told VG.

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The employee admits Magnus Carlsen

"There are not so many fields that are better than Carlsen. When he lost twice what his great strength should be against Carlsen, then there is a problem for Caruana, said El País's chess reporter.

Fabiano Caruana himself expressed after the third party that he considered that he had an initiative.

– Queen C7 was not good, but I felt that I had a good position. But running d2 in movement 16 was a bad move. I had the initiative but had a blackout.

Magnus Carlsen was aware that he had a strong opening and had not expected a little over at the party.

"It was a little surprising that I was the one who ended up pushing for that opening," he told VGTV.

Cause concern for Fabiano Caruana when three games are played. The good news is that they usually play a World Cup match.

"I no longer believe the attention and the panel affects it," said Leonxto García.

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New Carlsen Remis: – It's not scary

Even Caruana said at the Monday press conference:

"I can not say it's fun, but it's an experience that I'm glad to have. It's a new experience, but I think it's quick to feel like a normal tournament.

"In the first part there was something new. Now it feels normal.

Anna Rudolf, a commentator on the official World Cup website, says VG:

– We saw Fabiano very nervous on the first day, which was not as unexpected, as did Magnus against Viswanathan Anand in 2013.

Fabiano tried to prepare himself mentally for this World Cup match, but he can not feel 100 percent without sitting in the cage with Magnus Carlsen on the other side of the chess, knowing that now he is where he dreamed to enter all of your chess.

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Carlsen put on the matte chess bowl

"Fabiano's nerves almost lost the first part, but managed to return to Lot Number Two. If it had not finished, Magnus could have solved this game. But now I think that Caruana was able to compensate much of Carlsen's advantage in advance. 50-50 on whom to win. Because I think Magnus's advantage is now missing.

Magnus Carlsen himself is satisfied with three remissions in the first three games.

"There are some animating characters, but I have something to follow.

Asked at the press conference if he liked it, he replied:

– Yes, otherwise, we would not be here. Obviously, it is difficult and has a lot of pressure, but I am trying to have fun.

"I've been in two out of every three games and I do not think it's scary," Carlsen said in the challenger of the Caruana World Cup.

On Tuesday, the Norwegian will have white pieces in four and four in the World Cup.

"He will try to win by target," said Hans Olav Lahlum on the VG-TV mission.

In 2013 between Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand, the first decision was taken in Lot five (Carlsen's victory), the following year Carlsen won Lot Two already, but Anand responded to the winner of Lot Three.

In 2016 there were seven games with remis – before Sergey Karjakin won the eighth match. Carlsen won a number ten. The rest of the 12 parties ended up without a victory victory – and Carlsen defended the title of the World Championship to win the playoff with fast chase.

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