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Dara Bjørgen, Bjørndalen and Aamodt state salary – Løfshus: – A scandal that Bjørgen and Bjørndalen do not receive State salaries

VESTBY (Dagbladet): The time as national team manager at the Norwegian Ski Association is about to face Vidar Løfshus.

The Trønder led the Norwegian bottom skiing in the most successful period, crowned with time-lapse during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and an even better delivery during the Winter World Championship in Seefeld, with ten of twelve possible gold.

Although Norway made a world record during the Pyeongchang Olympics with 14 gold, 14 silver and 11 bronze – something that was overcome this winter with 20 gold medals, 13 silver medals and seven bronze medals in the same exercises – Løfshus believes that there is a great potential for improvement in the financing of Norwegian sports.

– The most important sport in Norway is so inadequate. In my head, there are few free resources in Norwegian sport, says Vidar Løfshus to Dagbladet.

– The two biggest challenges for cross-country skiing are the climate and the financing of the main sport. It is not a penny that comes from the Ministry of Culture to the maximum sports initiative of the whole country.

REACTIVITY: Vidar Løfshus believes that it is a scandal that you read as Marit Bjørgen, Kjetil André Aamodt and Ole Einar Bjørndalen do not receive state salaries. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
reactivity: Vidar Løfshus believes that it is a scandal that you read as Marit Bjørgen, Kjetil André Aamodt and Ole Einar Bjørndalen do not receive state salaries. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
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– Then they claim their need in the countries of Europe that they are not funded and that we have such big budgets. But in almost all the other countries that in Scandinavia, they have the army, the state, the customs and / or the police that finances, says the administrator.

– Alex Harvey is already graduating as a lawyer, as part of the "Own the Podium" program. It is paid by the State through the model they have in Canada. You will not find these models in Norway. Here you are with your legs without the support of the State.

– A scandal

Løfshus wants a model that assures that the biggest Norwegian sports profiles receive state salaries, simply to make sure that their competition lives even after the race of the exercise is over.

– It's a scandal that Ole Einar Bjørndalen, Kjetil André Aamodt and Marit Bjørgen receive state salaries, according to Løfshus to Dagbladet.

– Why do you mean that?

– There is no one who has more knowledge and knowledge about the best sports than this type of people, who are really worried about returning to sports and society. It is believed that they should receive State salaries.

– How many do you think should be paid by the State?

– How many are difficult to say, but at least three are there. They stand out in many areas, taking into account the time their races have been, the motivation they have done and what they have given back to higher sports.

– The happiness of God that we have gotten to Marit by speech

Everyone's leader fears that close legends are lost.

– It finally becomes a problem for us. We can not expect them to be ready for us at all times. The happiness of God is that we have managed to get Marit out of the speech and with her in various projects and to return something. Instead, they should have been paid to return something, says Løfshus to Dagbladet.

– For me, it's about ensuring your experience. We must be sure that we take care of the system, because they are so unique and willing to return. We should take it to a greater extent. Olympiatoppen has a very limited budget, so we can not expect them to give contracts as supervisors.

– How should this be organized?

– I'm not sure. I only say that it is a scandal that does not get state aid. The most important sport in Norway is so inadequate. NIF does a huge job with amplitude, but it becomes a bit bureaucratic. I forgot a clearer section of superior sport. It was probably Aksel who said that: The heads of State of Norway will appear whenever they can eat well and saturate and warm in the shine, says Løfshus.

– How is Norway the nation that makes the best in the world measured in medals per capita, if funding is so weak?

– We are doing well because we are able to exploit the resources we have done well. It's a lot about the community and about how we share knowledge under the Olympics.

Ministry of Culture

Dagbladet contacted the Ministry of Culture.

– The Ministry of Culture has never considered government subsidies to former athletes. It is not considered a proper use of resources, and it is difficult to see how this would work in practice, says the Ministry of Culture to Dagbladet.

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– Many people who were active before practiced sports after their own career. The sport itself has an interest in using the knowledge and resources that old practitioners possess, both as coaches paid or as people with voluntary resources.

The German model

In the Dagbladet series "The Mister Women" we present, among other things, the structure and model of German financing that several Norwegian sports profiles want Noge.

In the German framework system, a wide variety of best athletes is used by the State and receives a monthly fixed salary, regardless of the results and if the damage or illness destroys. The same practitioners also receive work or education guarantees with salaries after finishing their sports career.

– The plan that has Germany and Austria is interesting with the support of the State. It is a clever scheme. If we had the same thing in Norway, it would probably be able to help more people invest more, said Nina Haver-Løseth to Dagbladet that time.

– I was even four years old when I did not win anything. It is a vulnerable situation when the revenues are based on the benefit and there is, for example, a mortgage loan to pay.

– Girls should get up due to finances

Bryteesset Grace Bullen agrees.

– The German system would have been very good in Norway. There are many sports in which there is little money to collect. This makes it very difficult for us, says Grace Bullen to Dagbladet.

Marit Breivik, a successful coach and brain behind the long-standing success of handball girls, believes that Norwegian sports should go to Germany, but not necessarily copy their model.

– With the German system you get a completely different security. In Norway it is difficult to combine education and sports. Kristine Leine must leave the nursing studio after three years, because it is not compatible with playing in the national team, although it is a small amount of trips, says Breivik to Dagbladet.

– We will not necessarily copy Germany, but find a suitable and good solution.

Heidi Weng is also positive about the German scheme.

– Yes, today there is a great risk of being an athlete, especially for girls. There are few who make enough money. If you have a bad season, it can be very hard to bet anymore, says Weng to Dagbladet

– The German system facilitates the bet. The greatest talents are used by a state organization when they are between 18 and 19 years old. There they receive salaries, insurance and help for education after a certain number of years. This makes it safer to bet on one hundred percent in sports and make the fall be less, says Trond Nystad, which was both national and German teams.

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