Monday , March 1 2021

Great ad after the knife in Oslo S

The Arne Kaspersen Deputy Chief of the Criminal Guard in Oslo told Aftenposten that he later insulted a coincidence.

– I watched the video of the event. I mean that the insult is a random victim, it seems completely untested, "Kaspersen told Aftenposten.

A witness says TV 2 that an adult man reached a train with knife wounds. The man should be stabbed at least two places.

According to the witness, the knife stabbed the train. The author escaped the scene, but the guards controlled the man inside Oslo S. It was shortly after the arrest of the police.

Get a knife

At 16.15, the Twitter police wrote that they had control of the knife that was probably used and that the suspect had been imprisoned.

Police chief Magnus Strande says TV 2 that the condition of the injured man is serious.

The injured man is in the 20s, while the presumed author is in the 30s. Both are of foreign origin, he quotes the police.

Track 16 was closed in the afternoon of Monday and the train was withdrawn while several passengers were questioned as witnesses and the police got track in place.

Dramatic event

The incident occurred in connection with the train that went to Gjøvik at 15.22. The man was taken care of by the public, saying a witness to TV 2. He received first aid in the place.

According to the director of operations of Tor Jøkling, there was a panic in place. Several units of the police and ambulances were in place Monday afternoon.

NSB claims that the incident has no major consequences for horsepower.

– The train, which was to Gjøvik, is fixed and the passengers are referred to the next train. There are some changes in the trace for that reason, so we ask travelers to take into account that their train can go from a platform other than normal, say
Press Gina Scholz from NSB to NTB.

SIKRER SPOR: The train from track 16 was stopped on Monday afternoon. Photo: Mathias Ogre / TV 2
SIKRER SPOR: The train from track 16 was stopped on Monday afternoon. Photo: Mathias Ogre / TV 2

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