Tuesday , July 27 2021

Haugesund Newspaper – Now this is one of the most popular used cars in Norway

ENGINE [Broom]: Cars that sell well as new are also in demand in the used market. That was always the case and still.

This applies especially to Nissan Leaf.

It arrived at a new edition in February this year, and it will probably be a wonder if this is not the best selling car in Norway this year. So far, more than 9,600 has become the owner of a new sheet and more and more are being done every day.

When the new one sells so well – then you can think that he got up with used copies of the old one?

light Sold

In fact it is the opposite. The demand of used Nissan Leaf is high, the prices go well and the cars as soon as they enter the hall the automobile used before they are sold.

"Yes, the use of Leaf is very easy to sell and it is very valuable for our dealers to obtain such cars in return," said Knut Arne Marcussen, communications director of the Norwegian importer Nissan.

This was the car that, in many ways, made the common electric car in Norway. When it came to the end of 2010, the first car that had a good rank (according to the time pattern), and no less important, was in the normal place in an electric car.

Success is not disappointed either. The sheet has sold very well over many years.

Of 70,000 crowns

Now get the oldest cars up to approximately. 70,000 crowns. As the 2011 models, which were the first year model in Norway, threw more than 100,000 kilometers to the counter. But they are sold quickly. Like the young breads.

Therefore, we believe that this will be the best selling car in Norway this year

"It's pretty good on the ebil market one day – also for those employees. It seems that the increasingly used car buyers have eyes for them," says Marcussen.


– It's really quite logical. The used market spent some time, simply because it took years to build a portfolio of used vehicles. The type of car is relatively new and the first owners like it for a few years before being sold again. Meanwhile, the environmental screw extended more and seems to be more challenging for many, with more bumps, higher fuel prices.

"That is why at Nissan we are very excited about having a good electric car option for those who do not want to buy a new car or have the opportunity to spend a lot of money on a car. At the same time, we know that many people do not feel safe of what they are looking for in a used electric car. For them, Nissan has developed its own used car program called Cared4, which guarantees the history of the car, the battery status, the additional warranty. If you spend 100,000 crowns or more, get a good and used sheet, explains Marcussen.

He had foreseen the price reduction

That these are popular are also shown in the statistics of used cars used. Thus, used cars imported here from abroad. The statistics are also reached by Nissan Leaf.

This popularity, in turn, does something about prices, of course. Also in older cars.

"Yes, we expected a slight decline in the first generation, when the two generation was little more than half a year ago. It is as normal, but this was not the case this time. On the contrary. Prices remain very stable, concludes a manager of Communications clearly pleased.

You are looking for the used Nissan Leaf, there are some things you should keep in mind. Particularly in relation to some of the used cars currently in circulation.

There are a few important teams that have Norwegian soldiers. Such as heated battery, which has a lot to say for the interval in winter. Many of these cars also lack seats and flyers. To quickly reveal if an automobile was imported, you can check if you have spotlights. Have it, you probably also have the other important equipment.

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