Friday , June 18 2021

Have you already taken a flu vaccine? – FHI

More than 900,000 Norwegians are over 65. Today, less than half of them are vaccinated against the flu.

"With this text message from the Minister of Public Health, we expect older people to take the vaccine to protect themselves from serious illnesses," says director Karoline Bragstad of the Department of Public Health.


The SMS message is as follows:

«Hello Have you already taken a flu vaccine? It is recommended that everyone be 65 years old. Contact your doctor and read more Regards State Council Åse Michaelsen»

For example, people who are listed as contacts for seniors may have received the SMS even if they are not in the target group 65-80 years. People who do not have access to digital communication with the authorities will not receive the SMS.

It is obvious to the individual if the advice of the minister is followed and to take a cow or not.

"For many healthy elderly people, it may not be necessary to take a vaccine, but the flu can weaken health and depend on healthcare for a long time after the infection. Therefore, it may be a good idea to take the vaccine in time before it begins The season wins Bragstad.

Where can you take a vaccine?

People who are in risk groups for a serious illness of the flu are entitled to a vaccine at a reduced price. In addition to the ages of 65 years, it is a group of chronic diseases.

It is the responsibility of the municipality to organize a vaccination offer for risk groups. In most municipalities, vaccination is organized by getting a doctor to your doctor. Some municipalities also have municipal holidays or other agreements.

Check the municipality where the cage has published information on flu vaccination on its web pages.

A vaccination can not be reserved at the National Public Health Institute.

A flu vaccine is offered

The flu vaccine will normally provide 6 out of 10 vaccines and complete protection against flu disease. Choosing the good protection you are, will vary depending on age, good health and the type of influenza virus that will spread in the population.

If you get the flu despite being vaccinated, your symptoms are likely to be milder and lasting less than if you are not vaccinated. The vaccine reduces the risk of serious flu, hospitalization and death.

"For a quarter of a year, hundreds of millions of people are vaccinated against the flu, so we know the vaccine so badly and we know what it can do," said Bragstad.

It is very rare that the seasonal flu vaccine gives you serious side effects. Most side effects are mild and transient, such as inflammation, redness or tenderness in the bite. Up to 1 out of 10 may have a mild disorder 1-2 days after vaccination. This is not the flu disease, but the immune system responds to the vaccine. The vaccine does not contain enough to cause infection.

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