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– I was going to throw it away

BRÅK: Christian Gauseth is happy against Jakob Glesnes after the win. He continued striking the two captains after the drama in Drammen. Photo: Hagen, Fredrik / NTB scanpix

DRAMMEN (VG) (Strømsgodset – Mjøndalen 2-3) The drama was not before on the artificial turf before narrowing among the captains in the court. Subsequently, Strømsgodsets Jakob Glesnes and Christian Gauseth of Mjøndalen continued to challenge each other in the press area.

– He got up joyfully in my face and then I was damned. I know he likes to make a fad, but what might have been good for him, he pressed Glesnes to TV 2 questions after Gauseth said that "Glesnes looks like a girl during the fight."

– I should have kicked it out there, really. He should have much more than he has come today, says Bergen's Godset captain and admitted he was angry.

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The two cockroaches were next to their own microphone in a radius of only five meters outside the cabinets of Marienlyst. Straightened directly when VG took over the case with Christian Gauseth.

– I am surprised that you are mistaken that there will be a duel in overtime. And that of a captain of the elite series. To be honest, I must respond to the captain of Mjøndalen after his first victory in the elite team since 1992.

He arrived at the "Everlasting Classico" series, perhaps the hottest local settlement. Strømsgodset's players seemed to be changing as Mjøndalen's whites and whites applauded the children.

– He has been trying to shoot for a long time. For us it was really to remain calm, but it is not good what we give here. Unfortunately, it comes from Jakob Glesnes and adds:

– He likes "fucking" and plays a role. I do not know what you are doing.

Check the situation between Gauseth and Glesnes:

All with the direction of Captain de Molde, 34, of Mjøndalen. The half-way anchor responded immediately.

– You just have to bear it. After the way he was encouraged after the 3-2 score in 2015 at Consto Arena: I will not hear an explosion, he says with the same pressure that Mjøndalen started the fight.

For Mjøndalen, it could be more than 3-1 during a break. Sondre Solholm Johansen, Stian Aasmundsen and Oliver Occean (elite series scoring number 83) made the goals that only Strømsgodset managed to respond immediately by Lars Sætra.

Strømsgodset took on most of it. But Mustafa Abdellaoue only managed to reduce once. The deal did not arrive when I had a golden opportunity four minutes of extra time. The ball hit the crossbar.

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– It's heavy. Very sour Certainly we would have avoided this. We play with their forces. Especially in the first half, says Jakob Glesnes, who was transferred as a forward at the end.

– It's a fight we should not miss.

– Already stand up after the match, ask VG with reference to Gauseth.

– No, now the fight is over. But one is damn when you have so happy scenes face-to-face, the captain of Strømsgodset repeats.

– They only support it. There will be something complaining about Strømsgodset after losing 3-2, he will not hear that. To start laughing after that. I do not want to hear that, says Mjøndalen's colleague with the letters "Spielführer" in his band of German captain.

– Do you have a yellow card?

– Yes, it is the judge's assessment. There will be an accumulation of players there and I am the one who decided that this ball is mine – I should have it – so when they arrive they will not stop me even if it is ruined. You could have done this differently.

Thus Christian Gauseth summarizes the three first points of Mjøndalen in the league of this year:

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– Great result. Great victory Great first round. We were weaker in the second half. And the situation in which Mos reached the cross bar liked me badly. There was a lot of luck. But we showed adulthood, the backfirer was good at pushing out and the first round was good.

Then comes Mads Hansen. The ancient Mjøndalen mount – now the winner of Spellemann and known for "Spårtsklubben" in VG is as happy as the whole world with the heart of the club.

– What a nice group!

– But when I have to sit on the main stand to say that its cramp is real when it is for the third time. It's hard

– But you know how badly trained I am, Christian Gauseth returns.

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