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Mohammad, 32, who did not appear in his trial in October, was arrested outside his house by PST officials on Tuesday morning.

Brynjar Meling in trial against Mohyeldeen Mohammad

The defender of Mohyeldeen Mohammad, Brynjar Meling.

Photo: Martin H. W. Domingo / NRK

The opening ceremony took place after Mohammad, who was called internationally, signed an agreement with PST last night. The visit must take place without drama.

At 8:30 a.m., half an hour before the threat of trial, Mohammad was taken to prison in the Oslo Provincial Court.

Mohammad met with his defender Brynjar Meling wearing an adidas dark gray shade and a small black "kufi" (hall of Islamic prayers). I did not want to photograph, talk to the press.

– Prove that I am here

PST believes that it is necessary to imprison Mohammad to make sure he is in the court where he is accused of threats against parliamentary deputy Abid Raja (V).

Mohammad believes that there is no need for custody of prisoners.

– In terms of danger of evasion, there is evidence in itself that I came back here. As soon as I learned that my presence was necessary, I came back, Mohammad told the prison meeting.

He also stated that his former defender had not said how important he was to be in the trial against him.

"I did not realize that I should be present, I thought the trial could go without me," said Mohammad.

Failure for a week

LAST: Oslo district court is saying that Mohammad may be found guilty before the trial ends on November 19.

"The court agrees with the prosecutor that now that there has been a postponement of the case, it is very important that all the parties involved carry out the main hearing and restore the case," said the arrest warrant on Tuesday afternoon.

And besides:

"Given the justification of the court for the threat of evasion, there is no sufficient base to have Mohammad on his own initiative to hold the main hearing," he said.

Mohyeldeen Mohammad

On September 27, 2015, Mohammad made an eight-minute video conversation on YouTube, entitled "Truth – Answer to Abid Raja & Co. by Moheyldeen Mohammad." In the video, the prosecutor's office is played as a "hymn inspired by ISIL "in the background.

Photo: YouTube screenshot

Right to trial

After imprisonment, Mohammad had to move to Hall 207 in the Oslo district, where the threat could begin immediately.

The trial against Mohammad really began on October 22. However, he was postponed because the 32 years were not found, presumably because he was in Morocco.

Mohammad, 32, is prosecuted under section 115 of the Criminal Code, which affects the attacks on higher state agencies, including threats to parliamentarians. The paragraph has a penal code in prison for up to 10 years.

The reason is that Mohammad sent more text messages to leftist politician Abid Raja on September 24, 2015. In one of the messages sent at 04.27 in the morning, Mohammad wrote, among other things:

"Your dirty pig (sic), that Allah burns you in Jahannam (Islamic homologue of hell, journ.anm). Your cadaveric corpse (sic) murmured Kafir (abandoned / denied)."

– Raja non-Muslim

The actors in the trial against Mohyeldeen Mohammad

The attorney for Assistance of Rajas Olle Nohlin (f.), Attorney General Frederik G. Ranke and Prosecutor Thomas Blom in the PST.

Photo: Martin H. W. Domingo / NRK

When asked if Mohammad acknowledged a punishment for threats to Raja, Mohammad responded loudly and clearly "no."

Shortly before 11 o'clock, Mohammad began to explain. Mohammad refuses to threaten Raja, but says that the content of text messages can be interpreted as his religious convictions.

Mohammad said that he would "reprimand" Raja after the statements he made about nikab and burka.

"I tried to call him because he had said he was secret and ill of nikab. He intimidated a group already weak in society, says Mohammad.

– I did not get an answer. Then I sent a message. I understand that I expressed myself vulgarly and coarsely, but it was not a point to threaten.

Ranke also asked Mohammad about how he looks at Shi Muslims and moderate Muslims. Mohammad says that he does not look at any of them as Muslims.

– Raja, is it Muslim? Ask the Attorney General Ranke.

"My religious conviction is that he is not a Muslim," said Mohammad.

Music theme IS

Attorney General Frederik G. Ranke asked why a video in which Mohammad talks about Raja has an IS hymn in the background.

Mohammad said that it was not he who put this music but turned it into another person. He was part of the Islamic group Ummah of the Prophet. Mohammad said for the first time the final version after it was published.

In court on Tuesday, Mohammad argued that he problematized the use of IS music in interrogation with PST. Then, the Attorney General Ranke was quickly and showed the notes of the hearing. Here Mohammad did not say he saw problems with IS music in the video.

Later Ranke also asked if Arfan Bhatti was present when the movie was recorded.

– Can I answer? I just crossed, says Mohammad.

Cake of September 11

The 32-year-old boy became a familiar figure in Norwegian advertising, when he in 2010 "warned against a September 11 in Norwegian solo," in an appeal against the caricatures of Mohammed. Judge Ole Kristen Øverberg asked Tuesday about the antecedents for these statements.

"I read the assessment of threats from the PST. It emerged that such reactions could occur," Mohammad said.

– Will there be legitimate reactions, like September 11? asked the referee.

– September 11 is not fair, Mohammad replied, where Øverberg asked if the 32-year-old army resigned from the terrorist attack

"It's not right to do it," Mohammad said, before the prosecutor Ranke sent a question.

– Have you ever eaten the cake from September 11?

– Yes, I have. It was visited by a person, it was his satirical way of being, "said Mohammad.

It is already known that Ubaydullah Hussain launched a photo of the cake on Facebook in 2013, the day twelve years after the terrorist attacks in New York.

– Freedom of expression?

The Rajas Assistance Attorney, Olle Nohlin, also asked Mohammad if he considers that his statements are protected by freedom of expression. Mohmmad thinks they are.

– It's daily to say "go to hell" or "dirty". Raja called them pests once, something I promised.

– Relations with freedom of expression? Nohlin asked.

– I do when I'm in Norway.

"But is not a Norwegian law?" How is your opinion of Norwegian laws?

– I want to say that the laws of God are the best laws. I do not respect the laws, but they are obligated.

– Do you want your actions to be protected by a law that you do not respect?

– We are in Norway. I hope these laws apply here. There is freedom here and should be treated like everyone else, says Mohammad.

Deeply Islamist

Defender Brynjar Meling believes that it is important to examine Mohammad's own explanation as to whether Raja's sms should be considered as threats.

"I would like a sobriety and caution. There was a testimony in which a number of people should evaluate what Mohammad said. But I would ask the court to spend more time considering Mohammad's own explanation," says Meling.

In his first session, Prosecutor General Frederik G. Ranke said that it is important to analyze the background of Mohyelde to assess the alleged threats.

Ranke shows, among other things, that Mohyeldeen in 2012 and 2013 should act as a stranger in Syria.

Ranke also asks the court to emphasize that the Mohyeldeen was represented, presenting weapons, along with the already extinct terrorist "ISIL", Bastian Vázquez. The description of Vazques causes that Mohammad shakes the head strongly. The 32-year-old is frequently listened to during the introductory talk of Ranke.

"The case is part of the series of cases in Europe with threats of Islamists who do not share their vision of the world. There have been threats to people for several years, who have been hanged about them as a" women's disorder. "Then they were taken by days, usually a long time later, "said Ranke, who, among other things, showed the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh.

New video this weekend

As part of the accusation base is also a YouTube video from September 27, 2015, where Mohammad defends the SMS content. According to the authority of power, it is a "hymn inspired by ISIL" at the bottom of the recording.

This weekend, Mohammad, who was internationally wished, appeared in a new YouTube video.

In the video, called "TRUSSEL THE FRIENDSHIP?", Mohammad says, among other things, that he is "100 percent agreed" that he is not allowed to threaten a person.

"I am not a criminal, and I did not do anything criminal, even if it was done incorrectly. This case was knocked down and it was a burden for me and my family," said Mohammad in the 22-minute video.

It does not appear where the video is loaded.

In April it became clear that the prosecutor filed an action against Mohammad. Raja said then he experiences the messages as offensive and threatening. He will explain in court on Wednesday.

– Undo

At court today, Ranke said the prosecutor's office believes that Mohammad was not prepared to resolve the trial in October.

The prosecutor's office said in October they believe they can document that Mohammad made Internet searches on countries that do not have an extradition agreement with Norway, including Morocco.

Defender Brynjar Meling rejected this, saying that the absence was valid because Mohammad was not legally convicted.

Mohammad became an international search engine and also lost Nav's support to the Norwegian authorities for November, according to Attorney General Frederik B. Ranke. The 32 year old boy was a man difficult to get this fall.

On November 5, Mohammad would also meet in court in another case, where he was charged with opposition to the judiciary.

This is because Mohammad should use violence against a police officer who has proclaimed a trial and a vote. The reason was that the 32-year-old boy had reached gasoline without paying for it and used stolen signals. This case is scheduled for January 30, 2019.

It is formed by five judicial days to deal with the threat to Mohammad, which ends next Monday. Raja is called to witness on Wednesday.

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