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Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick: – In a secret holiday together in Finland

The reality profile Kourtney Kardashian (39) and ex-girlfriend Scott Disick (35) had a very turbulent and public relationship for many years. However, the couple managed to keep friendship after rest.

However, while Kourtney does not seem to find "right" after Scott, he found love with the Sofia Richie model (20).

Kourtney and Scott seem to cooperate well with the responsibility of their parents, Mason (8), Penelope (5) and Reign (3). It seems important for the couple to give children the normal growth possible, despite the very unusual life they live in the eyes of the public.

In November, much talk was made that the duo had buried the ax, when, among other things, they were together in an exhibition in Los Angeles.

FRIENDLY BONUS WITH EXCESS: Kourtney Kardashian is in her own legs after rest, but still has a lot of contact with the ex. Here described earlier this year. Photo: NTB Scanpix
BONO AMIGO CON EXX: Kourtney Kardashian has his own legs after rest, but still has a lot of contact with the ex. Here described earlier this year. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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On vacation together

Recently, the couple and the children, along with Sofia Richie, were together on vacation in Finland. This writes the magazine Us Weekly.

Both Kourtney and Sofia documented their vacations in social media. According to Us Weekly, the source says that Kourtney has hanged with Scott and Sofia "all the time" and that the tone between the trio is good.

– Everything is very nice. It was not surprising that Sofia stayed with them: it was a family trip. Scott and Sofia are in love and now they are part of the family. Sofia wants everyone. He is kind and good with children. Everyone meets, says the source.

Even when they were on vacation together in December, a source said they are "a modern family" and that in many ways "commit to meeting."

Not always so pink

However, it should not always be as simple as that. Especially when Scott and Sofia moved together, we must believe in Hollywood Life.

A source could then say the following to the famous United States site:

– Scott and Kourtney discussed their plans to stay with Sofia – before they officially did. He said that Kourtney was jealous, but also worried about the fact that his children slept there while Sofia lived there, the source said.

Sofia Richie also had to endure harsh criticism in several comment areas. After sharing a series of photos with Scott, several of the fans of Kourtney infuriated against her. Among other things, several said that "he took the trash" to the star of reality.

Good friend with ex

This is how Kourtney was known to react to the relationship between the former and the new model. In November, however, rumors were denied, at least according to sources close to the stars.

As mentioned, the trio was observed on the way to an exhibition in Los Angeles. Although they were not photographed together, they should spend the night in cheerful layers.

– Everyone sat at the same table, and Kourtney and Sofia spoke and laughed a lot. Each of them had a lot of fun, according to a source, according to ET Online.

LOVE: Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have been brides since 2017. Photo: NTB Scanpix
Valentine's Day Scott Disick and Sofia Richie were supposedly boyfriends since 2017. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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In addition, the source said that Scott and Sofia normally have a very low profile against Kourtney. They should not show any emotion or touch.

– Kourtney has no problems exiting with another person. If you are happy you are happy, said a source at TMZ.

According to the source, Kourtney believes that there is a genuine love between Sofia and Scott. In addition, it seems that Scott behaved well after getting acquainted with Sofia and Kourtney, I would greatly appreciate writing the website.

Thus, the relationship between the two exams improved with time, and it seems that they finally managed to put aside the drama.

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