Tuesday , October 19 2021

Male died after the frontal collision at E6 – NRK Trøndelag – Local news, TV and radio


The police informs the accident at 2:43 p.m. Tuesday morning. 16:07 a man was confirmed dead. The department of fire, ambulance and police are in place.

"There was a frontal collision between two vehicles and, unfortunately, there is a deadly accident," NRK Solveig told Kristin Eide, chief operating officer of the Trøndelag Police District district.

He was the driver of the passenger car that died, the driver of the truck is not physically injured.

Investigate the accident

The police crime technicians and the group of accidents for the Norwegian public roads administration work at the site of the accident.

"Now we are conducting criminal investigations in place and speaking with witnesses," says Eide.

accident ría

The vehicles involved are a truck with a trailer and a car of tourism. Police, ambulance and firefighters are in place.

Photo: Morten andersen / nrk

Long tails

Clay accident
Photo: Morten Andersen / nrk

There are long cows on both sides of the accident site.

"The road is closed, and there is a diversion through the catwalk, we drive the traffic past the accident," explains Eide.

For the cars there is a turnoff between Lundamo and Kvål on the west side of Gaula. Southern traffic can take off in Hovin. The alternative route for larger vehicles is between Berkåk and Klett by Orkanger on the county road 700, the county road 65 and E39.

"You can not tell how long the road is closed, but of course we want to open E6 as fast as possible," said Eide.

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