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New study: drinking alcohol at the beginning of pregnancy "probably does not lead to behavioral problems" in children

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It is the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) that informs about the new discovery that was taken from the North American and Children's Survey (MoBa), one of the largest in the world. The new study on alcohol consumption during pregnancy includes almost 15,000 Norwegian mothers and more than 25,000 children.

Researchers from the FHI and the University of Oslo examined the connection between alcohol consumption in women during the first three months of pregnancy and emotional problems and behavioral problems in children when one and a half, three, and five years old.

The results point to that no It is the causal connection between the consumption of maternal alcohol and the problems of behavior of the children.

It may be due to other problems

At the beginning of the analysis work, the researchers found a connection. But the study found that it is probably due to the inheritance or the common environmental impact of the siblings and, therefore, not the consumption of the mother's alcohol.

– For example, drinking while pregnant is an expression of other problems in the mother. He is in line with previous studies, which showed a connection between certain psychological characteristics of the use of mother and alcohol during pregnancy, writes the Norwegian Public Health Institute.

The high alcohol consumption before pregnancy also has connection with emotional problems and behavior problems in the mother. These maternal properties can help increase the probability of such problems in children: alcohol consumption is not pregnant.

The authorities recommend the total maintenance. However, one in ten drinks during pregnancy.

Sometimes I drank a glass

The newly roasted mum's Amy Presch and Kate Milosavljevic are involved in the issue of alcohol and pregnancy. While Milosavljevic often drank a quarter of red wine during pregnancy, Presch did not drink alcohol for almost a year.

– Already before I learned that I was pregnant, I was on a business trip to Berlin. There was a bit of alcohol during dinner. When I learned I was pregnant, I think "Oh crap." Maybe I drank a little. So I thought it was happening, said Kate Milosavljevic, who became a mother for the first time six months ago.

Milosavljevic does not hide that he drank a quarter of red wine sometimes even after he knew about his pregnancy. She still has it after becoming a mother.

– I read a lot about this. Many say they should not drink. Some say you can drink a little. It is very possible to find experts who support one or the other vision. He has gone well with us, Milosavljevic smiles.

There would be no risks

Presch became a mother two months ago. He completely changed his alcohol habits when he became pregnant.

– Although some say there is no particular risk of affecting the child, it is not worth taking that risk. You have no guarantee that everything is going well. Although I think you have to drink a lot of alcohol if something happens with the child, Presch says.

Do not change alcoholic beverages

– We have not yet reviewed the study of the Norwegian Public Health Institute, but in general we can say that individual observational studies can rarely be used to document causal relationships or change recommendations, says director of the department Ellen Margrethe Carlsen at the Norwegian Health Directorate in a comment

She emphasizes that the recommendations of the Norwegian Health Directorate are based on the summary investigation.

– We know for sure that alcohol during pregnancy can cause serious harm to the child, both physically and related to learning, behavior and social function. There is no lower safe limit for alcohol during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women or trying to get pregnant should completely avoid alcohol.

Important knowledge for health professionals

"For mothers who feel guilty when they think about drinking before they know they were pregnant and now they have children with emotional problems or behavioral problems, knowing that it is probably not because alcohol is useful." says Ingunn Olea Lund, a researcher at the Norwegian Public Health Institute and one of the researchers behind the new study.

Lund believes that this is the knowledge that doctors and health workers can now convey to pregnant women.

At the same time, Lund emphasizes that the results do not mean that it is safe to drink while pregnant, and that the research has shown that high alcohol consumption during pregnancy is related to other serious outcomes, such as fetal alcohol syndrome.

It can calm down

– It's good that now there are investigations that allow pregnant women not to feel guilty about something they can not do something, says head Kari Aarø of the Norwegian midfielder's association. It represents 2400 of the country's midwives.

She confirms that midwives receive questions from pregnant women who are worried about having drunk a bit of alcohol before they knew they were pregnant.

– This does not change our attention to the zero tolerance for alcohol after pregnancy. The border still continues without drinking alcohol while pregnant. We also advise those who know that they want to get pregnant, be cautious about alcohol, says Aarø.

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