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Ole Hansen paid NOK 370,000 for institution sites that should be free of charge

– If you broke a law, I would be in prison. When the municipality breaks the law, they must also be decided.

Ole Hansen is in a small apartment in the western part of Oslo and tells Dagsavisen his life. He is 47 years old and has long been interned, imprisoned and institutions.

In the period between 2012 and 2017, he lived in what he calls hospice and that the city of Oslo calls for rehabilitation institutions. These are the places where you have a room, but not the treatment, not the medication and not the food.

Ole says that every month he paid about 5500 NOK to live in a hospital. But how could Dagsavisen say before Christmas: the Oslo city council was not allowed to charge for it.

background: The municipality of Oslo demanded millions of addicts without law

A ball

Now Ole Hansen demands the money from the municipality. He hired a lawyer, and the lawyer says they will sue the municipality if they do not pay the money Ole requires.

– They are people with few resources that need every penny. Ole paid about 370,000 crowns and was a bullet, says Hansen's lawyer, Cato Myhre, to Dagsavisen.

He says that the municipality has to pay the money with interest, to avoid the trial.

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You will pay the debt

– Did you know that he did not allow them to pay, Ole?

– I do not read about the newspaper. About the "Russian scandal" and Bent Høie that require cleaning and stuff.

– What did you do with the money?

– Pay debt. I have a lot of debt collection, from the accounts I was unable to pay. But I could also use them in the estate of the apartment. Or rent for a year, say.

Hansen says that the economy is adjusted. Today it spends about 10,000 NOK in housing. Then there is not much insured.

He did not want to stay in the hospital anymore. He was very dirty.

Life is now, I say.

– I have a painting company and I can make money there.

Last of

Warehouse secretariat

The municipality announced that they will pay the money to people who have paid more than they should.

We still do not know how this is organized, but the city council announced that they will talk about this work next week.

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