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Progressive warnings dissatisfied with follow-up – Dagbladet

Several old notifiers Dagbladet spoke in recent days, it is critical of how Frp's organizational committee dealt with the cases they reported.

This also applies to cases in which the organizing committee concluded that violations of the party's ethical guidelines were committed, such as the case against a vice president of the FPU and another case in which it was discovered.

Critics are, among other things, lack of dialogue on the way.

– I did not get any information during the process, or when the case was finalized in the organizational committee, they told the press they did, one day.

As Dagbladet mentioned earlier, last year, a group of local councils also chose to abandon Frp's solidarity with young people who were notified in the case of Leirstein, who did not think it was taken seriously enough.

– Potential for improvement

– Of course I can not comment on individual cases and what has been done in the cases that happen to me, but I see that there is a potential for improvement in the organizational committee. We have assumed this, says the new leader of the Alf Erik Andersen committee for Dagbladet.

The former committee leader, Helge André Njåstad, retired from that office every week after admitting leaks.

– It is verified that the former leader leaked information. Do you also want to go in and see how the work on the show has been shown in other ways?

– No, we take note that Njåstad retired from his position in the central board and in his office of trust in the Storting. When it comes to Njåstad in concrete terms, we consider that the matter is being processed, says Andersen.

However, Alf Erik Andersen claims that the committee began to work in a slightly different way to restore the trust and integrity of the commission.

– Everyone should be absolutely sure that what happens in the sample is confidential. So, we should also see how we work on case tracking and how they are treated. We started with that, says Andersen.

– Search

"We always had the concern to protect the interested parties in the best possible way, and it is a search so people did not take care of it," says Helge André Njåstad to Dagbladet.

He says the commission under his leadership has continually assessed his work to find improvement points.

– It is good that the new committee develops and improves the work of the organizing committee, says Njåstad.

More scandals

According to Andersen, the commission will also work to improve the organizational culture in Frp. The party was hit by several scandals during the last year.

Shortly before Christmas, Siv Jensen admitted his regular attendance at the Storting, Mazyar Keshvari, an extensive trap with travel accounts. Keshvari is accused of fraud as a result of the case revealed by Aftenposten.

In January last year, Ulf Leirstein withdrew from all Frp offices, after NRK reported that he had sent porn photos to the new FPU and also proposed a triangle with a minor.

"I do not care about everything that is present, but I acknowledge that he demonstrated a deficient judgment and passed the line," said Leirstein himself.

– There are many problems in FRP lately, if you have a slightly larger mandate than before?

– We travel through the meetings of the city council, we carry out internal controls in the commission to restore confidence and integrity. What has to be the focus is to work with the organizational culture and get it out in our county and local communities, so that we can focus on the political problems, "he says.

I've been notified in October

As Dagbladet wrote yesterday, party administration in Frp was informed in October that Njåstad leaked confidential information.

– It was informed that the organizing committee worked in a case related to Helge André Njåstad in the fall of 2018. At the central meeting of October 19, the central board and received a preliminary report on the theme of the organizing committee. He stressed the seriousness of the issue and had to be examined extensively before concluding what kind of reaction was natural, says Siv Jensen in a comment written to Dagbladet.

– On the next board of directors of December 18, the commission completed its consideration and it was reported that Njåstad withdrew from the central board, as reported.

Asked why it took a long time before they concluded, Andersen replied that it had been a long work and that he needed to spend the time, regardless of what was happening around him.

– Along the way, we inform the central board and the party's leadership about the state and to what extent we arrive.

– Have there been additional elements for leaks, which were known late in the process?

– I will not comment on that. It was a meticulous work that has been going on over time. One must start at a limit and work even more, he says.

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