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Study of life – Study of hockey

Have skate in the face

Storhamar hunted VIF, but was impressed from the start at home against the lower layer of Manglerud Star. Already after six minutes, the guests took 3-0, and seemed very ugly to the challenge of the title of Hamar.

However, yellow shirts would fight back in the fight. Patrick Thoresen set off after half an hour's opening, while Joel Johansson (28 minutes) and Aaron Irving (45) scored the game.

There were no scores, and everything had to be decided in a penalty. There, the guests of Manglerud took the straw longer, and Storhamar only got one point.

Knocked down a tooth
A touch of joy, however, became the young Marius Johansen, who got the skate of an opponent in the face and, therefore, a deep wound.

– I forgot a tooth, so I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. But now everything is fine. He was taken care of by good doctors, he told Dagbladet, 20 years old.

– It happened so fast, so I did not get what happened. I quickly realized that something was wrong when I felt I was bleeding and I saw my tooth in the ice.

– Afterwards I heard that it was an accident, and it could be a lot worse if the skateboard hit a little differently. So there was no luck in the accident.

– What do you think of when you see in the mirror now?

– It seems very brutal, but I know it's going to be good again. I have sewed before, says Johansen to Dagbladet.

– very ugly
Cecilie Olsen, general director of Manglerud Star Ice Hockey Elite, says:

– It's fine now. It seams both inside and outside the mouth. We lost the count of how many points it was, she says.

– You have a bit of pain, of course, but it was relatively lucky. It could get a lot worse.

– This happens occasionally, but here it was very unfortunate. He got up standing when his opponent fell.

– It was very unpleasant that he cut off. It ends the fight on Sunday, but it probably comes back after we had two weeks of free fight.

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