Thursday , July 29 2021

Telemarksavisa: low after a traffic accident

In a moment, the night until Monday, the police reported a traffic accident on the FV 353 at Solum in Skien. A passenger car had left the road and rolled in place.

In the car there was a woman and a man, both in the 20 years. They moved away from the place on foot after the fall. The police said on Twitter that the car had been borrowed by a known one.

The police came out with a patrol of dogs to look for the two people. After half an hour they were collected by the police.

"The woman was led to the hospital with possible head injuries, but the amount of injuries is beyond what is unknown.

Police are still not known why they left the place after the collapse. Nor is it clear who directed the car.

Operations manager Trond Egil Groth in the Southeast Police district informs TA that the police were in the hospital to conduct a blood test of the people involved.

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