Friday , June 18 2021

The FA will still be worth Mourinho

A series of British media announces on Wednesday that FA will appeal to not punish the manager of Manchester United for improper use of the language after the 3-2 victory over Newcastle.

The English Football Association thinks that Mourinho banned the TV camera when he left the field.

FA released the first case against Mourinho after Manchester United won its appeal. Now the connection was resolved after reading the foundations of the independent commission that handled the resource, informs ESPN and

Regarding the resource, it emerged that the director twice said: "You are some filhos da puta." Translated into English, it becomes "whore's children."

Manchester United used their own language specialist and understood that the statement should be seen in another context. That the meaning in English is: "fuck yeah" or "hell yeah", in a positive context and was not insulted.

It's not about the English partner agree, asking if José Mourinho is being punished anyway.

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