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The founder of Apple is worried that Apple did not invest in folding phones

There is not so many times the appearance of new product segments in the technological front, but it must be said that the so-called mobile phones folding belong to this category, although the reception was something shared. Now these new products have received unexpected support from a central personality.

Bloomberg has recently been interviewed with the co-founder of Apple, the relatively false Steve Wozniak, criticizing the company that he himself has begun not to accept the new trend.

I'd love to have one same one

– Apple has been a leader for a long time in some areas such as Touch ID, Face ID and easy mobile payment. They are not leaders in areas like foldable phones and I worry because I really want a folding cellphone, Wozniak said in the interview.

Wozniak suggested that Apple should continue to invest in new markets, since the traditional iPhone is no longer enough to rely on.

"They have been so successful with the iPhone and have represented all their business for a long time," added the Apple co-founder of Bloomberg.

As I said recently, Apple's revenues have begun to decline due to the drop in sales of the iPhone, with a decline in revenue from mobile phone sales of the company to 15 percent compared to the first quarter of last year.

First Samsung and Huawei

When it comes to bending mobile phones, the rumors about the segment of the new product were long before Samsung and Huawei finally revealed their respective folding models a few days ago.

The Samsung model, Galaxy Fold, comes with two screens. A large 7.3-inch screen inside the phone and an "4.6-inch" external display. The interior screen can be folded and converted to a tablet.

The phone comes with multi-application support and offers transparent transitions between the external screen and the large and expandable screen and has a total of 12 gigabytes of memory.

The Huawei Mate X model uses a different solution with the large screen outside, so it does not need an extra screen in front when the mobile phone is bent.

The first two folding phones are expensive items, but a price of 2299 euros for the Huawei variant and about $ 2,000 for the Samsung Galaxy Fold phone.

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