Tuesday , July 27 2021

Woman found with deep thigh cuts – two men arrested

Two men were detained after a 40-year-old woman was in Oksenøya on Monday night with severe stool feces.

The police are reporting chil Shortly before 1am to Tuesday, two men changed their state of power to stop what happened to the woman in Oksenøya on Monday night. Both will be questioned on Tuesday. The woman is moderately injured and will also be questioned when she is capable.

The police previously informed NTB that there was some clarity on what really happened. The 40-year-old woman first called the police on the 22nd time and called for an ambulance without saying what happened.

– When the ambulance arrived and saw the injuries, they notified them at 22:30. She has two deep cuts in her thigh, serious but not critical stool and was taken to the hospital for treatment, said operations director Steinar Hausvik in the Oslo police district.

The woman was found outdoors with a witness and, after conversing with them, the police found a potential place where they arrived at two men, one of the 20 and one of the 30 who were arrested.


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