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5 reasons to acquire and develop an MBA franchise and Executive Education MBA and Executive Education

The acquisition of a franchise reduces the risks associated with the business, accelerates the business through knowledge and provides support to operate, among other benefits, explains Diego Rojas, general director of the Ice Ice Pop Ice franchise.

Franchises are a good option if we are thinking about starting a business.

"This is a format where a natural or legal person gives us the right to use their brand for a specific time, including business knowledge and process manuals, in exchange for a fixed payment and benefits rights," explained Diego. Rojas

"The bet for a franchise minimizes the risks associated with a company, since we boarded a successful business," he said.

In our market different foreign franchises operate, such as KFC or Mc Donald and Peruvian franchises, such as Montalvo or Ice Pop.

The costs of acquiring a deduction vary from $ 30,000 to $ 60,000 when it comes to exit type modules, up to $ 500,000, in formats that require more space, such as restaurants.

But what are the main reasons to acquire and develop a franchise in our country? Next, the expert Ice Pop explains:

1. Start with advantage

This format implies the transmission to the franchisee of all the knowledge of the market, commercial methods, administrative and experiences that allow the efficient operation of the company, without having to start from scratch.

2. Reduce the risks of the company

Starting to develop a new business and creating a new brand does not only imply a high cost in terms of startup, positioning and advertising, but also a high risk of failure.

On the contrary, when acquiring a franchise we receive a brand positioned, recognized and experienced.

3. Quick start

A franchise point can be put into operation in less than 2 months. Even some formats are turnkey, and include point-of-sale installation, training, preparation supplies and raw materials such as Ice Ice Pop.

4. Permanent Accompaniment

Consolidated franchises are concerned about the monitoring of the development of their franchisees, since they have to ensure the correct treatment of their brand and their success.

In this measure, the franchise offers technical and commercial support permanently, which contributes to the administration of the points of sale.

5. Generate a scalable business

Buying a franchise allows you to grow according to your level of investment, since you can add stores progressively, according to the results obtained.

"This includes the opening in the provinces, where there is still little supply for the great demand that exists," adds the General Director of Ice Pop.

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