Friday , June 18 2021

Apple reports a number of defects in the models of iPhone X and MacBook Pro

The US company Apple announced on its website today that some screens of the iPhone X model may experience touch problems, due to the failure of a component in the display module, as well as in the 13-inch MacBook Pro models there is a risk of Loss of data due to a problem with the hard disk.

According to the statement, the iPhoneX ruling can manifest as follows:

  • The screen or part of the screen, Does not answer or answer intermittently to touch
  • The screen It reacts even if it was not touched

As for the 13-inch MacBook Pro (no touch bar), the company warned that a limited number of 128GB and 256GB solid state drives (SSDs) used in the device mentioned above have a problem that can cause the loss of data and the unit failure.

Apple said Apple's authorized service company or supplier will replace the defective components of the aforementioned devices for free.

Last Tuesday the company presented its new product range: iPad Pro computers, Macbook Air and Mac.

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