Tuesday , January 19 2021

Cercado de Lima: free subject who confessed raping a 13-year-old girl Photo 1 of 3 | Lima

It was not enough to get his confession. Walter Benites Quispe, 39, revealed to the authorities of National Police of Peru who had sex at home Cercado de Lima with a 13 year old girl, based on deception and against his will. He spent nine months in custody and is now in freedom, As reported by América Noticias.

Benitas Quispe posed as a woman in social networks, with the name of Brenda Brendita & # 39;. In this way, he managed to get in touch with the minor Facebook in January 2017.

As part of her deception, she asked the girl who was in Cercado's stop, near her home in Mirones Altos, to meet her mother. This way, he caused that he entered his house to violate it.

After the reprehensible act, the minor of 13 years was consternated. However, he managed to tell his mother everything that had happened.

Before being arrested by the authorities, it was confirmed through chat messages that Benites Quispe asked the child if he liked it. As if the psychological damage was not enough, she told her that she should not worry about getting pregnant, because she "gave her the pill the next day."


"I read him to be friends, she told me she was 14 years old" He said in the first instance, denying the violation. But later he confessed his crime: "Okay, you do not understand me, you did not violate it by force, I had sex with her once".

While the investigations were carried out, Walter Benitez QuispHe was in prison for a period of nine months as a restrictive measure. Once the period determined by the Judiciary was fulfilled, that was expected the doctor's tests, the Facebook chats and his confession They will determine a very severe final penalty. However, He was released by excess prison.

They released a man who confessed raping a 13-year-old girl. (America TV)

The rapist confesses his crime. (America TV)

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