Sunday , April 11 2021

Children who are victims of violence age biologically faster

One new research posted no Magazine of Biological Psychiatry He points out that different negative situations have opposite effects in the biological development of the child.

The lead author, Dr. Katie McLaughlin of the University of Washington, points out that while childhood violence at an early age (physical, emotional or sexual abuse) is linked to a Accelerated biological aging, children exposed to difficulties of life since poverty and food insecurity show a delay in its biological development.

Accelerated biological aging associated with childhood violence is related to epigenetic aging (from DNA genes). This is because of the increased symptoms of depression. In conclusion, this violence "goes under the skin," according to the author, and develops complications for human health later.

This discovery ended later an experiment in 247 children between the ages of 8 and 16 years. "These results indicate that accelerated aging after exposure to violence from an early age can already be detected in children up to 8 years of age," said McLaughlin.

With this new research it is evident that greater investment of society is needed reduce the exposure of children to violence. There should also be more biomedical and psychological research to reduce the impact of these negative experiences In the lives of vulnerable children, adds the editor of Biological Psychiatry, John Krystal.

The investigation opens the door to new questions about whether this effect of Accelerated aging is permanent or can be eliminated.

Genetic aging related to depression identified in the investigation will also help mental health professionals identify, more easily, Children and adolescents who need more medical assistanceMcLaughlin finishes.

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