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Facebook: thousands burst into laughter with a new parody of Leyla Chihuán [VIDEO]


November 5, 2018 2:45 p.m.

Facebook users did not pay attention to the "trolling" suffered a few days ago by Leyla Chihuán. No social networks There is a funny parody of the uncomfortable moment that the Fuerza Popular congressman went to the hands of a Peruvian musician in front of a mobile camera.

The clip of Facebook unleashed the laughter of thousands of Internet users, who did not stop laughing at the fun scene, which is on the way to viralizing on the internet. The comments already exceed hundreds and thousands of visits.

As you remember, Leyla Chihuán He showed his indignation with the joke as soon as it happened, more than declared that he found the attitude of the Peruvian musician totally disrespectful, since he accepted to leave in front of his camera, because he thought that it was a simple greeting.

"If your intention was to offend, denigrate, insult or do what you have done, there is the law … The law is to avoid, punish and eradicate family violence against women and family members. I am careful with my son , be careful ", added the parliamentarian Popular force that time

The biggest parody in Facebook It has also been shared with humorous opinions, it is undoubtedly essential and not to stop laughing.

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