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Minsa recorded more than 8 thousand cases of type 2 diabetes between January and June | Peru

You can live with him diabetesWhat? Selfa Castillo, now 78, says yes. 29 years old you were diagnosed diabetes type 2, the most common and what appears after 40 years. "My father had diabetes and died of a heart attack at age 78. One of my two brothers I also had diabetes He died at age 50 because his glucose rose and he did not take care of himself, "he says. For Selfa, then, it was no surprise that after showing great thirst, hunger, fatigue and blurred vision, he told him he had diabetes. "Weighing 80 kilos because I ate in a disproportionate way and many sweets, they told me about amputation and heart attack, and I was scared. My life changed and I had diets and glucose controls. And that's been it for thirty years," he adds.

Baltazar Ortiz, 57, liked having a healthy life before Selfa. Although his father died diabetes, and that six of its seven brothers suffer from the same disease, only when their right foot was infected, he went to see a doctor. "I did not see the doctor inadvertently because I was scared to be diagnosed diabetes. Now I have to take care of myself because I could not walk for four months, "he says.

"All those 40 years of age should have glucose control. Even more, if you have obesity, hypertension or family history," recalls Jorge Calderón, president of the Association of Diabetes from Peru.

– Silent illness.

Find out how many people have diabetes In Peru it is an objective that the Ministry of Health (Minsa) has not yet succeeded. The Association of Diabetes Peru estimates that more than one million Peruvians suffer from this chronic disease. The PAHO estimates that 2,950 Peruvians die every year diabetes.

What is there Minsa He managed to establish the number of people with this disease that the hospitals in the country attended. This is based on a health surveillance directive published in 2014 for hospitals and health centers to inform the number of patients Minsa.

According to this report, between January and June of this year, 8,098 cases of diabetes In 99 hospitals, 95 health centers and 62 health centers. In 2017, there were a total of 15,504 cases. Among the most frequent complications there is polyneuropathy, that is, an affectation of the nerves and the foot diabetic.

"For example, people begin to feel numbness or cramps in the lower limbs or feel that the plants on their feet have creped them, [esas] They are alert to have diabetes"Says Jorge Hancco, Minsa spokesman.

In addition to the preventive control to measure glucose, Dr. Hancco recommends the change of diet, especially from children, to avoid obesity and with it diabetes. "The idea is not to eliminate sugars, but to modulate their consumption. In addition, exercises like swimming, cycling and even dancing to strengthen muscles are essential. he.

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