Sunday , January 24 2021

NASA: capture images of a space dolphin & # 39; in the clouds of Jupiter. | Juno space probe | World

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) runs the Juno Mission, which studies the planet jupiter. The ship captured impressive images of what they described as a "dolphin." The photographs were shared by Seán Doran through Twitter.

Through a statement, the NASA He explained that the images corresponded to "swirling clouds in the North North Tempered Belt Jupiter Dynamic Belt." The photograph launched by the government agency recorded an anticyclonic storm, known as the white oval on the planet. The capture corresponds to October 29, around four in the afternoon.

They detailed from NASA that when the picture was taken, the Juno space probe was 7,000 kilometers from the clouds of the largest solar system planet. In addition, the ship was located at a latitude of 40 degrees north of Jupiter.

The scientists of Mission Juno, Gerald Eichstädt and Seán, Doran used data from the imaginary JunoCam and recreated the images that Doran shared through their Twitter account. "A dolphin nothing in the sky of Jupiter," he wrote. He also said that these images could be used as wallpapers for mobiles.

Dolphin in Jupiter

"A dolphin swam in the sky of Jupiter", wrote the NASA researcher

Last August, the Mission Juno from NASA He also captured images of the motion of Jupiter's clouds. On this occasion, the scientists highlighted a great red spot, with a tone that, they said, never before have been seen.

Jupiter's investigations by the space probe June will continue until 2022, according to NASA.

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