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Ridiculous! Piqué's gang finds an "ally"

Gerard Piqué He made the ridiculous Classic of Copa del Rey. As soon as the game ended, the Catalan soccer player wanted to send a political message, reminding the political prisoners when they asked him for the VARSomething I wanted to thank Carles Puigdemont.

The defense Culé affirmed that "if in Spain we spent less time in the VAR and more in the opinion of the political prisoners, it would be better for us". For this reason, the former president of Catalonia he used his account Twitter to send a support message to Piqué: "Extraordinary, thanks to Gerard Piqué for commitment and courage."

Gerard Piqué He never hesitated to take his "political" side, always end up getting involved in matters that are not of his competence. The center Barcelona, a supporter of the shameful political ideology that represents the Catalan independence movement, is a provocateur that receives many criticisms, especially after what he did in the independence referendum on October 1, which he even voted for.

At that time Piqué He did not hesitate to defend his political position in a mixed area, charging Mariano Rajoy, former president of Governmentand against National Police and the Civil Guard by its way of acting during that day. The words of this Wednesday on the politicians arrested are just the last episode of a footballer who is increasingly worried about politics and less for his profession. Piqué, you're sorry!

Next, the message from Carles Puigdemont:

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