Thursday , July 29 2021

Roscosmos: this is how Russia plans to resume space tourism after ten years of EEI parentheses Space | Science | Technology and science

Russia today announced that it plans to renew space tourism in 2019 or 2020, ten years after the last neophyte, Canadian clown Guy LaLiberté visited the International Space Station.

"Commercial flights are suspended. However, the possibility of retrieving them in 2019-2020 is being considered," said a statement from the company Energuia, manufacturer of the Soyuz ships.

Energuia explains that the decision to suspend or space tourism at that time was related to Russian ships Soyuz They were the only connection between the Earth and the orbital platform, after the withdrawal of American ferries.

In turn, he admits that in the world, the price of a ticket to space may decrease due to the onset of private spacecraft flights in the United States, a country that plans to place Starliner (Boeing) and Crew Dragon devices in the next two years. SpaceX).

"In the internal market, the Energuia corporation has no competence in this area," clarifies the note.

The first space tourist, Dennis Tito, paid $ 20 million to fly in a Soyuz in 2001, while British singer Sarah Brightman would have to pay 52 million by 2015, but finally changed her plans and landed.

LaLiberté, who spent eight days in space after paying 35 million dollars, was the last tenant of the station that was not a professional astronaut.

Two years ago it was reported that the Russian space agency, Roscosmos , had approved the construction of a ship specifically to send tourists to the outer space in suborbital flights.

The ship in question will rise to 200 km in height, but will not turn around our planet, so it will be a suborbital flight in which tourists can feel for a few minutes weightlessness.

(Source: EFE)

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