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Signs of high cholesterol | Programs

O cholesterol It is a type of natural fat necessary for the formation of bile acids, the digestion of fats and the form of sexual and thyroid hormones, but when it accumulates in excess, the walls of the arteries form hard plaques that prevent blood circulation and obstruct the vessels.

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When you have the high cholesterol There is a risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases which can cause heart attacks and strokes. One of the dangers of having high cholesterol is that, in general, there are no symptoms of this condition and the patient does not realize that something is wrong with their health.

Note that there are two types of cholesterol:

Good cholesterolcalled HDL or high density: it is responsible for getting liver fats. The recommended level of this type of blood cholesterol should be greater than 35 mg / dl.

Bad cholesterolcalled LDL or low density: this leads to liver fat to the rest of the body. The level of this blood cholesterol should not exceed 130 mg / dl, if there is no medical history of coronary heart disease. If any, it is recommended that it be 100 mg / ml.

When a person has 300 mg / dL of LDL in the blood there are xantomas, fat nodules that accumulate under the skin or xantomas, yellow spots that appear in the inner corners of the eyelid and tendons.

The symptoms of high cholesterol are:

Inflammation in the extremities and numbness
Dizziness and loss of balance
Blurred vision
Chest pain
Mixing while walking or doing any physical activity
Exhaustion or gas
More desire to sleep than usual
Cold sweats
Headache and migraine headaches

To lower cholesterol you should eat healthy, undergo a regimen of exercises and visit your doctor for more recommendations.

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