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The Samsung Galaxy S10 gets its first update: all the news

System update on the Samsung Galaxy S10

It is only a week until the official launch date of the new Galaxy S10 and S10 + presented last Thursday, and Samsung already finalizes the details so that all those who wish to buy the terminal, can enjoy it from the first day.

For this, among other things Samsung today launched the first software update for the Galaxy S10 and S10 +. From Andro4all we have been using the terminal for several days, and we have received and tested all the news that comes with this new version.

First update for the Galaxy S10: Instagram mode, customizable Bixby button and much more

This The first software update to reach Galaxy S10 and S10 + has a weight close to 500 MB, and seems to have been implemented by Samsung worldwide, is beginning to reach all unlocked models. According to the official change list, this new version brings with it security patch for the month of February 2019, and offers improvements to the stability of the camera, in addition to presenting the possibility of change the function of the Bixby key, an option that will also reach the rest of the company's models with this feature.

A detail that caught our attention when installing the update is that Samsung does not yet implement the A / B update system or Uncomfortable updates introduced from Android 7, with the aim of significantly reducing the time that the installation process of a new version takes and eliminating the need to show the classic warning of "Optimize applications" before beginning.

Beyond that, and leaving aside the improvements at the photographic level that we will see more closely at the time of the analysis of the device, we will see how to add a feature to the native camera application: the "Instagram Mode". As explained at the time, this option consists of a direct access that allows you to capture images directly from the camera application of the device, and that being integrated with Instagram allows publish the image directly in Stories of the social network

No less important is the arrival of the option that allows Change the function of the Bixby key located to the side of the phone. As we have seen, accessing the Samsung Assistant's main menu now offers us the option to choose what happens when you press the button once: open Bixby or run any other application or direct access through the. own assistant – or when a double press is made.

Among the available options, you can choose the execution of a fast command. In this way, for example, by clicking on the button we can configure the "Do not disturb" mode, which shows the weather forecast or any other action through Bixby. On the other hand, you can choose Pressing the button will open – almost any of the installed applications no device Anyone, except Google Assistant, Cortana or Alexa, whose fast access was blocked by Samsung.

These are all the news that seem to come today to the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the S10 +. The list of changes also indicates that the performance and stability of the operating system have been improved, as well as improvements in fingerprint reader, which by the way we could try more exhaustively only a few days ago.

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