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The women did not stop going with the man with their girl until the elevator of the mall (VIDEO)

A father of the family reported that a group of ladies They prevented him from entering an elevator at a well-known shopping center even though he was with the car where It was your baby.

Everything happened at the mall Real Plaza Salaverry, located in the neighborhood of Jesús María, where the man had waited several minutes when a group of five people of good health entered the elevator and prevented him from entering a father who was carrying his wife daughter of months of age.

The man, outraged, recorded the women and denounced the fact on Facebook.

"This is preferable, I have to go up with my girlfriend and you can climb the stairs, you should climb the stairs and have been waiting for some time"the man said to women.

"I have an adult person and I have my daughter here," The woman responded, although the girl in the elevator is not a baby.


Woman: "Send it (or video) to all the channels and let us know what."

Father of the family: "Conchuda is still".

Woman: "Exactly, shell what they are."

Father of the family: "Unfortunately, they have to climb the stairs, the stairs are here while I'm banned […] I am disrespectful? Am i screaming "

This case generated an outrage in social networks, since the elevator is a priority for people disabled, pregnant, elderly or people who carry babies.


After the video was viral, the woman who starred was identified. Olga Poblet not only confirmed that it was the one that did not allow the man to enter with his baby, but that was surprised because now he is "famosa".

"The truth that made me famous, I never imagined […] I think there's some abusive reconsideration. That guy I did not know about, that incident happened, if it happened, I did not deny myself. But it's not like he says, it's not like he indicates because he just published a video "said the woman to the cameras of Latina.

According to Olga Poblet, the father of his family baby months in your car "he had no roads"to ask this she and her daughters leave the elevator: "If the Lord had ways to say things, maybe things would be different, but I had no way. "

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