Thursday , October 28 2021

Venezuelans in Peru: there are about 170,000 immigrants who did not process PTP Peru


By: Mirelis Morales Tovar

There is only one month for it Venezuelans who are in Peru and who entered the country until October 31 this year can complete the process to get the temporary permit to stay (PTP). However, to date there are about 170 thousand Venezuelans They did not even start the process.

According to the last record of MigrationsPeru entered 558 thousand Venezuelans before October 31, the period established by the State to benefit from this benefit.

So far, 140 thousand citizens of Venezuelan nationality have the document. Another 200 thousand have already begun the process and 45 thousand people have scheduled appointments for the next days. There is a 30% that did not take the first step to regularize your situation.


Maybe some of these Venezuelans do not plan on opting PTP because they are happening. Others prefer to process shelter requests. However, the number of Venezuelans No documents that regularize your immigration status are high.

The Migrations Superintendent, Roxana Aguilera, has reported that the offices of this organization work 24 hours and there is the option of requesting the exemption from payment for procedural law for a year. Also, it confirmed that there will be no extension.

"Every day we give 4,700 online appointments in our office in Breña, and other 2,000 in regions. To date, we've lost 1,700 appointments because people do not attend. This offers a total of 70,000 appointments since then Migrations started the process of PTP"Aguilera reported.

The official urged the Venezuelans not to leave the procedure for the last minute. "Before December 31 of this year, they must attend at least their appointment Migrations. Those documents that you do not deliver or some brokers can do later. They will have up to 60 additional days to complete the process in 2019, "he added.

The spokespersons of this entity have assured that they are able to satisfy the demand in the proximity of the final end.

For the second week of December, Migrations It intends to open an office of assistance in the district of San Juan de Miraflores, where it will receive about a thousand people per day. This seat is added to those of San Martin de Porres and Miraflores.

The Colombian case

In Colombia there is a similar situation in relation to the special residence permit (PEP), a document issued by the Government of that country.

According to the Colombian Migration Organization, two 442,462 Venezuelans who migrated to that country and can process this document, only 255,272 did so. The deadline is December 2.

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