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Antetokounmpo, Budenholzer has dreams in playoffs

The season played quite a bit as the scribes imagined, probably beyond the wildest dreams of Budenholzer or his bosses. Milwaukee (60-22) finished off with the best NBA record, blocking the lead on the track during the playoffs.

The Bucks led the league in points per game (118.1), were the first in defensive classification (104.9) and net classification (8.6), and were fourth in the offensive rating (113.5). His improvement at both ends was also in his position number 1 in the percentage of defensive field goals (.433) and in the 1,105 tax register of three points they did – more than any other history team other than Houston Rockets after three seasons.

Antetokounmpo did more than give the first Bucks coach his first star: he fully flourished in a co-favor with the guardian of Houston Rockets, James Harden, for the Kia MVP award. Everything was impeccable, Milwaukee sold its new area, Fiserv Forum, 36 times in 41 dates. They will do it again on Sunday when they face the Detroit Pistons in game 1 (7 ET, TNT), in which team and amateurs expect a postseason race that extends until June.

Starters discuss Giannis Antetokoumpo and his promotion in 2018-19.

Antetokounmpo, with its showy statistics and an effervescent personality, is the most responsible person in this Bucks season, a return on achievement all the way for the Milwaukee era of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Take away this equipment, one of the hypothetical measures of the dignity of the MVP – and we are looking at a limit seed no. 8bar-all equipment.

Even so, the progression of a player – even in an enormous Gyro pass, courtesy of "The Freak Greek" – is not enough to explain all the ways the Bucks have changed. Budenholzer also affected the other Bucks players. Take them and Antetokounmpo could also be Bradley Beal, Devin Booker or Karl-Anthony Towns, working on the ground.

Taking into account the modest additions of the summer of Milwaukee (Brook Lopez, Ersan Ilyasova, Pat Connaughton, novice Donte DiVincenzo), the recruitment of Budenholzer could be the play that the GM Bucks GM Horst is in the short list for the Executive of the Year NBA

The adoption and implementation of coaches of new coaches (such as George Hill and Nikola Mirotic) and the development of deep rotation players (such as Sterling Brown and D.J. Wilson) are another proof of their value.

The contributions of the teammates of Antetokounmpo can not be denied, in particular:

With Giannis Antetokounmpo in tow, the Bucks await a final race.

* Khris Middleton joined Giannis as an All-Star of 2019, with recognition not only delayed (its seventh season), but in a year Middleton really did less. He scored fewer points, he took less shots and recorded fewer minutes than last season, but changed from backwards to get more 3-point attempts and fewer midfield shots helped Antetokounmpo and opened the crime. In addition, Middleton has exceeded its score, precision, rebound and assists since the All-Star weekend.

* Defense chief Eric Bledsoe, inconsistent in his first Bucks season and a disappointment in the 2018 playoffs, was the point of his defensive lance. Leaving the capture of Kidd, the fight fighting regime helped Bledsoe fix the rival guards, and was sufficiently reliable to deserve the $ 70 million extension he has recently signed up, causing himself and the team one Free agent on the market this summer.

* The 7 feet and 270 pounds Lopez unleashed the three points he showed just two seasons in Brooklyn. This season became the first player to accumulate at least 150 field goals of 3 points and 150 blocked shots, and made a NBA record of 3 points (187) for a 7 foot foot. He won the nickname "Splash Mountain", while defending the edge and predicting more shots as a threat than it really blocks.

Brook Lopez and Khris Middleton increased their wealth in 2018-19.

* Malcolm Brogdon, Kia Rookie of the Year of 2017, returned to be successful before leaving in March with fascite plant on the right foot. Brogdon routinely showed trust and creativity to cross the bow or drive to the edge, especially at times when the crime is attacked. He also became the eighth player in the history of the NBA with an average of at least 50 percent of the field, 40 percent of the 3-point range and 90 percent of the missing line.

Again, the way in which the Bucks' reserves intensified, casualties or casualties were dropped off the bench. Mirotic had only made 31 triples in 14 games before leaving with a fractured left thumb, but Ilyasova and others filled the vacuum. Ditto Hill for Brogdon, Brown and Connaughton for Tony Snell, etc.

Budenholzer facilitated the mosaic by training in the strengths of his players, minimizing their weaknesses and obtaining – through individual work, relationship skills and much more – to take possession of what they are building in Milwaukee.

All of Budenholzer's credentials are his ability to help gamers prosper, from his 17 years in the team of Gregg Popovich in San Antonio to the success he had (coach of the year 2015) in less than five of his five seasons in Atlanta .

What matters most in the Bucks-Pistons series?

He transformed the offense of Milwaukee into a 3-point nightmare for his opponents. The big circles around the perimeter they had made in the training court in the training field was a visual help and an early indicator of how the Bucks played; In a short time, the players could pass the ball blindly to those spots, trusting a teammate.

Last season, the Bucks ranked 25th in the 3-point attempt rate, having only 29.7 percent of their shots from outside the arch. This season, they are the third with 41.9 percent.

Meanwhile, the Bucks cleared their defense and their rebounds. They made an average of 21.4 fouls and sent their opponents to the line by 23.5 free throws per game in 2017-18. This season, both fell to 19.6 and 20.7, respectively. Their percentage of defensive rebound increased from number 29 last year (75.9) to number 1 (80.3).

Other numbers show the way Milwaukee is playing differently and how much you like. They were 27-12 against teams over .500. They did not lose two games in a row until March. The Bucks were 45-5 in the games decided by 10 points or more. Of the seven other NBA history teams to win at least 45 games with double-digit margins, each one limited the season by scoring the NBA title.

Now, with LeBron James out of the East, a calendar of excellence demonstrated behind them and a trust – players for coaches, coaches for players – which seems unbreakable, the Bucks have reduced their number of goals essentially to one:

Sixteen, as in four times four, as in the total victories necessary to capture the trophy of Larry O'Brien. Budenholzer, Antetokounmpo and the rest would love to keep it so simple.

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