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Facebook war between Tom O., Labella continues

The reelection mayor of the city of Cebu, Tomás Osmeña (on the left) and his opponent in the mayor's race, the first deputy mayor, Edgardo Labella, agreed to a moderate live debate by the IBP Cebu City. | CDN Digital

CEBU CITY, Philippines: The online war continues between the two candidates for the mayor of Cebu City as the election approaches May 13.

The online exchange began with Mayor Tomás Osmaña revealing a series of documents that demonstrated that the First Deputy Mayor Edgardo Labella requested the release of the police to a certain motorcycle owned by Odelo Ybañez.

Osmeña, the bearer of Bando Osmeña-Pundok Kauswagan (BOPK), published the documents that showed a clear declaration of Ybañez saying that he was asked expressly if he would vote Labella in the next elections.

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Ybañez said he would vote for Labella.

According to the court statement, Ybañez did not receive a rape sheet and waited for the approval of Labella to recover his motorcycle.

"When the motorcycle was confiscated, the driver did not even issue a TOP sheet or a violation, the only thing they told him was to go to Labella. These are the same police officers who told the brgy, captains whose houses were machine-gunned to go to Labella, too." said Osmeña through her post.

Labella, spokesman for the Barug-PDP Laban Party, responded to these charges through his own Facebook page saying that Osmeña could not use the documents against him because he followed a procedure.

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"Unlike you, I always follow the procedure (therefore, the letter), and I will never break butane rechargeers (your rechargeers) illegal outside the jail pursuing and intimidating the police. Kanang imong maoy klarong Tom illegal style", said Labella.

Labella also called to the actions of Osmeña as desperate and that the offenses of the mayor against the police were infantile acts of the "true loser candidate."

Osmeña replied in his own messages that Labella allegedly terrified the Cebuans to vote.

The mayor also claimed that Labella was supposedly behind the machine gun incidents in Barangays Malubog, Sudlon II and Sinsin.

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Labella also denied accusations in another Facebook post saying she had no control over the police.

"I do not control the PNP (National Police of the Philippines), Mr. Osmena. His suggestion that I'm not insulting not only the PNP that is doing the best so that Cebu City has honest, tidy and peaceful elections," said Labella.

In response, Osmeña challenged La Labella in a bid that the Barug-PDP Party slate in the Laban North District would not win and that former mayor Mike Rama, who would be the deputy mayor of Labella, would lose in the South District.

Labella did not respond to this new diatribe against him on Facebook, but responded to the media after the special session on Friday, April 12.

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He admitted that he signed the approval letter of Ybañez, but said he was out of the public service and did not request any declaration of loyalty.

"Akong purpose to a hangyo lang, request aron matabangan ang kabus. (My purpose of the letter was to ask the police and help the poor.) It was only a request, I would never impose anything, "said Labella.

Labella said that the accusations of Osmeña were unfair to him and that he always served the public without discrimination

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