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Imelda today, PNoy and DU30 tomorrow?

WILD supporters greeted Sandiganbayan's recent 89-year-old decision, Imelda Marcos, in several graft behaviors when he was governor of Metro Manila in the seventies. Although the sentence is still not final and executable, and can still be reversed in appeal before the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court, there is already much joy on the part of the political enemies of Marcos. They seem determined to prove not only that the Marks committed serious crimes during martial law but that their most unforgivable crime was to try to return to communist rebellion in 1972 declaring martial law.

We did not hear anything from the former first lady, but sources close to her say that she is hopeful and hopes that she will overcome the challenge, given her record of winning her legal proceedings. So far he has won most of them, including the toughest ones. In 1990, without having to call a single defense witness against 95 accused witnesses, he was acquitted in a jury trial in New York along with Adnan Khashoggi, the Saudi financier, accused of providing legal coverage for his supposedly extravagant purchases in the USA.

The name Khashoggi resurrected in the world press following the murder of Adnan's nephew, journalist Jamal Khashoggi, 59, who was killed in the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul on October 2. This has led to global speculation that Saudi Arabia. The inheritance prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia, could be dethroned because of the alleged involvement in the murder.

Exploitation of the verdict
Mark's political opponents will surely exploit Sandigan's decision to try to defeat Imelda and her daughter Imee, who are both candidates in the elections on May 14, 2019. But there is no sign that this campaign will gain a lot of traction. Imelda, who is his third term as a Congressman of the North Ilocos, is in charge of the provincial governor, the vice president of Imee, who is working in the Senate. Both nominations seem to be a shoo-in.

Former Sen. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr., who ran for vice president in 2016, is not working for now, but looks forward to the results of his election protest against Vice President Leni Roberto before the presidential electoral court (PET) . If PET defends its protest, it will become the vice president and possibly a presidential candidate for 2022, when President Rodrigo Duterte goes down.

Sandigan's conviction is the first important setback for Marcos, as Marcos fell into a military riot of civil support in 1986 and passed away in exile in Hawaii in 1989. If Sandigan's decision is appealed and confirmed by the appeals court, the first one Lady will surely not be able to survive her accumulated sentence of up to 70 years. But it would create a precedent to put a former president or former first lady in prison for a long time after leaving the post.

In South Korea, former presidents Chun Doo-hwan and Roh Tae-woo were convicted of corruption and treason during the administration of President Kim Young-sam. But they were forgiven before Kim Young-sam left office, on the recommendation of the Nobel Prize winner, Kim Dae-jung, who also amnestied all political prisoners and eliminated the criminal conviction of pro-democratic protesters.

Will PNoy and DU30 be followed?
For us, the question to ask is this: if Imelda's conviction is confirmed, does not the DU30 forgive? Even more important than that, if Imelda goes to jail today, will B. S. Aquino 3 and DU30 go to prison tomorrow?

Put Smartmatic, the Venezuelan electoral provider, in charge of our sovereign election, is a continuous crime that has installed victims and corrupt officials in fact among us. In a democratic order that normally worked, Aquino was supposed to pay for all this.

Obviously, there are not too many citizens who fully appreciate the seriousness of this crime, but also do not appreciate the plundering of P200-billion-billion funds from the "Disaster Acceleration Program" (DAP), which Aquino and his budget secretary, Butch Abad, illegally left National treasury to, among other things, bribe members of the Senate impeachment court, with at least P50 million each, to condemn and retire renegade general Renato Corona in his impeachment trial?

This not only involved the plundering of billions. It also implied the illegal use of these millions of people to corrupt and destroy a vital body of our Constitution, Congress, as well as the principle of controls and balances and the separation of powers. He created the unconstitutional and unlawful precedent that would follow the DU30 when he personally attacked Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno personally as his "personal enemy" and caused his colleagues from the SC to flee their office through an unconstitutional guarantee procedure, despite their lack of jurisdiction in any civil servant who can only be eliminated by the Congress in a process of impeachment.

Should the nation be surprised if the next government punishes Aquino or the DU30 for its unpunished crimes? This would surely mean an improvement in our state of government, but we need to be able to expect something more and better. We have a civic duty to ensure that no serious crime is imposed, but we have a much more serious duty to avoid committing crimes that can not be punished only because their authors are in power.

These include the murder of suspects of drugs without due process; the presidential acquisition of the three branches of the government without any protest of the members of the legislature and the judicial subsidiary; the taking of military possession of a government civil agency without any effort on the part of the legal community to prevent it and the dismantling of laws of DU30 of the proposals constitutional amendments to "federalize" the Unitary Republic of the Philippines in violation of the Constitution, which excludes the president from any Such a process, and in violation of common sense and economic realities.

Between JPE
At age 94, former senator Juan Ponce Enrile decided to return to the Senate, especially to oppose the crazy career of federalism, among other things. He considers that federalism is the most dangerous idea he has ever proposed, which could totally destroy the Republic. I had Enrile on my TV show "Una Sa Lahat" with journalist Ariel Ayala on Sunday night, and explained about the dangers of the proposal. He also talked about how the poor are overweight and how risky inflation threatens to put an end to our economic system.

The previous day, Saturday afternoon, I heard the members of the Lay Society of St. Arnold Janssen, a society affiliated with the Divine Word, after a lecture by Charles Avila on the "Rise Modern of the Laity." We are the Church, Charles pointed out, and we have the primary duty of leading the society to make the right choices. It was evident that DU30's "federalism" presents the most dangerous threat to the country at this time and that laity should work to save the country from the DU30 and DU30.

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