Friday , June 18 2021

Paul Pierce: Duke Can Beat Cavaliers, but not Kansas?

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The ex-leaders of Boston Celtics Paul Pierce.

There is always someone out there who really believes that good college teams can beat bad teams. We will always hear. "The Alabama Crimson Tide can beat the Oakland Raiders." But in this case, the former Boston Celtics player, Paul Pierce, truly believes that the Duke male basketball team can beat the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have the worst record in the NBA with a win and ten losses.

Let's go again It's a crazy statement that seems credible, but in the end, it's so extravagant. There really is no way that a full college team can beat a professional team, however bad it may be. It is a different game mentally. The speed of the game is different, the knowledge between the players would be like the night and the day, and it is evident that a game between men with experience and developing adolescents would go in favor of the professionals.

No matter the brilliant Duke at the NCAA level, they simply could not compete at a high level as a collective. It does not matter what you or Paul Pierce want to believe, it just would not happen. But the worst of all this is that Pierce continues saying that yes, Duke can beat Cleveland, but they can not beat the Kansas Jayhawks. So, does that mean you think that Kansas can also beat Cleveland? No

See Pierce's reason why

Apparently, the clashes between Duke and Cleveland would be favorable to the Duke, but Kansas against Cleveland would not go in favor of the Jayhawks despite being the number one. So, Duque can beat an NBA team, but not the best NCAA team?

Okay, it does not make much sense. You can applaud Pierce for the effort, but that's just a bad analysis. Unfortunately, we will never know it, since Cleveland will not have Duke or Kansas at the time soon. So, there really is no point for this debate.

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