Tuesday , July 27 2021

The Taiwan grandfather picks them up playing Pokémon Go to 15 phones, East Asia News & Top Stories

TAIPEI (REUTERS) – Mr. Chen San-yuan heads again while traveling through a suburb of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

The reason why?

Adjacent to your bike's front there are 15 mobile phones that Mr. Chen, 70, uses to play at the same time the augmented reality game Pokemon Go.

The game based on the phone requires that the players can "catch" the animated characters that appear in real places.

Known as Pokemon Grandpa, the videos of Chen and their training program in the form of cycling between "Pokestops" have been viral on the Internet and have become a small celebrity in the Tucheng district, where he lives.

"I used a mobile phone and then I kept playing and playing," said Chen, dressed in a white and white long-sleeved shirt and trousers, to Reuters Television in a recent trip.

"After one month, it has become three mobile phones, six mobile phones, nine mobile phones, 12 and 15," he said, accusing his grandson of being introduced to Pokémon Go in 2016.

Chen said his team cost more than $ 4,800 and spends about $ 300 a month in the virtual currency to use in the game.

Chen San-Yuan said that his team cost more than $ 4,800 and spends about $ 300 a month in the virtual currency to use in the game. PHOTO: REUTERS

Playing on multiple phones allows you to reach higher levels in the game faster and capture more rare creatures, he said.

The pensioner said that sometimes he plays all night thanks to the portable batteries made as they recharge the phones.

Chen's mates are surprised by their energy.

"He is able to take care of fifteen mobile phones at the same time," said Shih Wun-sheng, 45, "If you leave home, Chen can stay energized for six to seven hours, do not get tired. This is really impressive."

Pokémon Go, developed jointly by Nintendo Co. and Niantic Inc., has been the most successful so far among the games using the so-called augmented reality, where digital characters overlap in the real world.

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