Tuesday , June 22 2021

An accident did not pass pedestrian. Two women died

Two women died on Saturday after deducting the pedestrian crossing in Sarnowo in the district of Będzin, the third went to the hospital. All the victims of the accident are probably from abroad, for the moment it was possible to establish the identity of one of them, it is a Ukrainian – said the police.

Collision at the bridge of Łazienkowski. The driver trapped on the rails

The Fiat driver went to the right side and stood in the barn of stairs at the entrance to the bridge of Łazienkowski, in Jazdów, in Warsaw.

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The head of the police headquarters of Poviat in Będzin, Commissioner Paweł Lotocki said that the accident occurred at night on national highway No. 86, in a pedestrian crossing and illuminated.

– Women were hit by the 36-year-old Zwierciński resident who controlled Hyundai Tucson – the police said.

Victims of the accident are not Polish citizens. The identity of one of them was determined: it is a 46-year-old Ukrainian citizen. This is one of the two women who died in the place.
"The other two women are probably the nationalities of one of the Asian countries," said Latvia.

The Hyundai driver was sober, he received blood to prove to determine if he was under the influence of drugs. In the afternoon, the activities continued with their participation.

After the accident, the national highway number 86 has been blocked for some time. Now the movement in this place is already normal.


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