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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt IRÁN A GUERRA for children in court. The hearing is in December

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt IRÁN A GUERRA for children in court. The hearing is in December

Angelina Jolie e Brad Pitt For years they have been the hottest pair of the global show business. After 10 years of coexistence, they married to announce their divorce two years after the wedding. While the problem of the couple's break has been fine, there are great complications in the child care division.

From the beginning, Angelina wanted to deprive her ex-husband of parental rights. His decision was based on Brad's addiction to alcohol and drugs. In conversations with a lawyer Jolie also mentioned the use of violence by a former partner towards her children. In the first instance, the court did not accept the requests of the actress, arguing that the role of the father is fundamental to raise the children. Since then, the actor has met with children in the presence of a forensic psychologist.

Angelina does not stop directing accusations towards her ex-husband. The American press reports that the woman tries to separate the father's children, He also accuses him of not paying the maintenance.

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As he says Daily Mail, On December 4th there will be a judicial hearing, during which all doubts about the care of the six children will be dissipated. In addition, the court also has to decide the matter of division of property between ex-spouses. Based on the information provided by US media, it can be concluded that the old partners will bring the strongest arguments against themselves, just to come to court. Brad wants to share the care of children half and a half, unlike Angelina, who wants to take full control of their children. As the portal informs TMZ former spouses have spent the last few weeks only when speaking to lawyers and developing the most effective tactics.

The only question is if Angelina and Brad did not forget the happiness of their children during the whole war.

How do you think children are just an excuse to take revenge?

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