Tuesday , June 22 2021

Change at the Bank of Idea Summit – Banks

Tobiasz Bury, who was the president of the bank for a year, will give up his role. He will be replaced by Jerzy Pruski, the former vice president of sister, Getin Noble Bank.

Today, Tobiasz Bury resigns from the position of the president of Idea Bank with effect on resignation. The reasons were not given. He was in office for 13 months (will be replaced by Jaroslaw Augustyniak, chairman and co-founder of long-standing banks). He will be appointed to the board in January 2017, from June 2017 to the Vice President.

The supervisory board assumes the position of the criminal duty of President Jerzy Pruski, current vice president of Getin Noble Bank (resignation), another institution controlled by Leszek Czarnecki. These are the known regulatory aspects and the KNF requirements experienced by the director, the former president of PKO BP, a member of the Board of Pieniny, head of the Bank Guarantee Fund and vice president of the NBP.

There are many challenges ahead of Idea Bank. The dimension of the problems can be seen during the action, which has fallen 87% since the beginning of the year. and has a historical minimum of more than 2.9 z. Cay bank is valued at just 233 million zł, which also suggests cautious investments. The problem of the Bank of Idea is not only the weakest results and the shortage of capital, but mainly the entanglement in the distribution of GetBack bonuses (in the consortium with the Exchange House of Poland, both institutions had the highest quota). In October, UOKiK, initiates procedures related to the suspected use of practices that violate collective interests of consumers by Idea Bank. This bank has more than 250 complaints, which show that by offering GetBack obligations, its employees could introduce consumers into error or allow fraudulent sales. Let these KNF be explained.

In August it turned out that Leszek Czarnecki is considering the merger of its banks, Getin Noble and Idea. The analysis will show if it would be a viable move, the decision will probably be taken in November, along with the banks that publish the results for the third quarter. In an underground interview for Parkiet and Rzeczpospolita, Bury indicates that in the business perspective, the merger would give many benefits directly derived from the scale of operations, but would also allow to avoid certain future costs, including ITC or the costs necessary to comply with the regulatory requirements (this is a kind of synergy of future costs, not just the cost of current costs). – Mergers are also challenges derived from the required transformation of both companies, and the merger itself is a process that comes with certain costs and commits employees. It seems that the deal is more important, but the structure of the transaction itself will be significant, says Bury.

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