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Controversy after the last episode of "America Express" on TVN

The "America Express" program is broadcast on TVN. The rules of the show are quite simple. Eight celebrity couples and their relatives embark on a race in South America. Participants have a dollar a day per person and those packed in backpacks. They must organize meals, accommodation and transportation on their own. The pair that reaches the last one to the designated one in a certain episode of the target is eliminated. In the last episode of the show, participants received an unusual task. The couples that participated in the show had to kiss three people who were accidentally on the street. Only after completing this task could they move on. Some of the participants took the command as a joke, others tried to leave her by kissing the inhabitants of Lima on the cheek or through the card, and the others kissed the random people on the lips.

"We attach great importance to the high ethical standards"

The task caused a lot of controversy. There have been accusations against the station and some of the participants about forcing strangers to kiss and sexual harassment. The producers of America Express have issued a special statement on Facebook. "Beloved, we attach great importance to the high ethical standards in the set and in the air. However, at the end of the tenth episode of our program, there was a competition, which some people might find inadequate. We apologize to all those who felt affected for attending this episode, "says the statement.

"I accept all objections"

Before, Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak, who directed the program, also referred to the case. "I am ashamed of the 10th episode of the program. Although it is a fantastic format, in which we see not only the struggles of the participants, but also the most beautiful corners of the world and in a relaxed and entertaining way, we try to approach other cultures, the tasks The characters that face us often tend to generate my doubts (…) I accept all the allegations, I agree with them and I can only say VERÁN on my side "- wrote the journalist on his Instagram profile.

The case triggered an avalanche of comments on the web. Some Internet users say that the producers of the program have nothing to apologize and that everything is spoiled. There are also many people who think television programs should promote good patterns of conduct and that the task that participants should perform was harassment.

Critical journalist, Chajzer indignant

A few days before, Warianna Polska's journalist outraged the behavior of Filip Chajzer, who participated in the show with his father – Zygmunt Chajzer. "I asked him to kiss me on the cheek, but at the last moment I came back and it was a good technique," said Chajzer on TVN. The opinion of a journalist, the presenter showed with his statements that he has an objective attitude towards women. In the text entitled "Polish Shoe Puppy shows how to force a woman to kiss," she described why this behavior is detrimental in her opinion. The article was decided by Filip Chajzer. The presenter posted a photo of the author of the article on his Facebook profile. He stressed that the same task was carried out by 10 people, including women. "I suppose choosing my lousy person to linch was to guarantee the cliché of" work. "It does not allow women to bother and ask me this shameful accusation. I wish you success and success in your professional life, as well as in your private life" – wrote the presenter.

His post caused a storm in the network. Some Internet users defended Chajzer while criticizing and simulating the appearance of Warianna Polska's journalist. Others stated that the case was unnecessarily damaged because it was just one of the tasks in the television show. There were also comments from people who valued the level of the task, which participants received as embarrassing and agreed with the journalist that kissing people without their consent is sexual harassment.

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