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Justyna Żyła argues with Internet users: "A woman after divorcing a known husband should fall under the ground?"

Justyna Żyła argues with Internet users:

Justyna Żyła At the beginning of his unexpected media career, he did not hide his plans to take advantage of popularity. She happily accepted the proposal of a disputed session at PlayboyIt has appeared several times in brunch and on the walls. Celebrities, constantly ensuring that they do not intend to promote themselves in family misery, she was involved in new projects: It has become a culinary blogger and host a program in … washing matth marital.

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The fact that Justyna Żyła received a call from the producers Dance with the stars and accepted the offer, could not be surprising. It turned out that this fact can not be overcome by some … sympathizers of her husband. On one of Peter's fanatics pages on Facebook, information about his wife's success has appeared. Most commentators began to undermine the status of "star" of Justyna and remind him that now he gains his name with the name that previously discredited in the social networks of her husband.. Unexpectedly, the main interest was joined to the discussion.

Their children need peace now after what happened, and not the mother flies after "Dance with the stars." In addition: what is the star? Will they be portrayed as "ex-wife"? – One of the Internet users wonders.

The children needed a father, like a mother, a whole family. It is difficult to choose the opposite. My finances have always been and will be children. It's a pity that poison really. The best wishes – replied Zyla.

What kind of star do you have What have you achieved in your life? In "Dance with the Stars" will you be presented as a former wife and mother of the children of our Eagle Piotr? Piotrek is a star here, not your wife! Take care of children – attacked another.

And what has been doing for almost 13 years, I will not explain to a desperate and maybe a man with a boring life that looks at me – he answered

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Justyna also responded to the following comment, in which the "defender" of Piotr unusually and elegantly tried to disperse his television career.

And children? Piotrek jumps, a Mrs. Justyna slips in her name. Man, children and guys! – she attacked

The famous could not be bothersome.

I am happy with gifts, children grow as best I can, I want positive energy. P. S. After a divorce with a well-known husband, a woman must fall under the ground? – replied the celebrity.

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