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Katowice: May 2018. 22 people arrested for drug possession

Katowice: May 2018. 22 people arrested for drug possession
Author: Silesian Police

The police summarized the 19th edition of the Polish edition of the Mayday 2018 techno festival. On Saturday night until Sunday mornings, fans of this music were in a trance. Some of them helped or wanted to help with intoxicants. The drivers stopped 22 people who wanted to enter Spodek with drugs in their pockets. Katowice Spodek was full on the edge with bit fans.

It has become a tradition that the fanatics have checked dozens of police officers, customs officers and officers of the Border Guard. People were assisted by specially trained dogs to look for drugs. And despite the fact that everyone knows about this prevention, there were many people who introduced themselves to the stimulants of Katowice Spodek that strengthened the musical experience. Probably some of them did it, but there were those who did not pass the control sieve. The officer arrested 22 people who had drugs with them, and Polish law does not allow such a thing. Stopped this year, people were carrying marijuana, amphetamine and ecstasy tablets.

Checks were very accurate. Dogs have seen drugs even in people who did not have them with them that day, but they once used them in the pockets of their clothes. A total of 350 amphetamine drug divisions, about 30 grams of marijuana and more than 20 ecstasy tablets have been seized. Possessing drugs arrived at the police detention center. Everyone has heard the accusations. Now, his fate will be decided by the prosecutor and the court, the police service of Silesia said on Tuesday (November 11). Remember that a year ago during control 31 members who wanted to enter drugs in Mayday were arrested. How many then and now we could go through the control doors, that is not known.

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