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Leszek Miller on the testimonies of Robert Nowaczyk and Mariusz Kamiński

The prime minister should treat such signs with seriousness, even if they are not true – said Prime Minister Leszek Miller in "Tak Jest" on TVN24. Referring to the testimony of Robert Nowaczyk on Thursday before the verification commission. The lawyer spoke about the behavior of the minister of the special services coordinator, Mariusz Kamiński, at a meeting where alcohol appeared.

On Thursday before the verification commission, Robert Nowaczyk, one of the best-known lawyers involved in the process of re-privatization of real estate in Warsaw, testified.

Nowaczyk spoke about his knowledge with Jakub R., former Deputy Chief of the Warsaw City Real Estate Office and its connections with service people.

– Jakub R. told me that during meetings with representatives of the Central Anti-Corruption Office in his department of Włodarzewska, Mariusz Kaminski [minister koordynator służb specjalnych – red.] He was so drunk that he was walking on four legs and kissing his dog, a boxer, "said the witness.

Miller: Any sign of inadequate behavior must be investigated

For the testimony of Nowaczyk, he referred to Leszek Miller in "Tak jokes." – Of course, I do not know if this is true, but the prime minister should treat these types of signs properly, even if they are not true, "said the former head of government.

He added that talking about a coordinator who oversees special services can not be attached to this lightweight. He stressed that each signal of undue behavior must be examined, because a person who takes that position "can be subjected to various pressures." The former president of the Left Democratic Alliance drew attention to the possibility of blackmail. – This is a state official who has knowledge rarely available to the public. There must be people in these positions, for which there are no objections, he pointed out.

Miller emphasized that the prime minister has the possibility to investigate this matter. As you said, you can request another service, such as the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Internal Security Agency and the police. – You can set up a special team under your management – added.

– If the prime minister does not react, it will be a very bad testimony – said the former head of government. – Here, every sign of this type must be completely verified – he pointed out.

Charges for corruption

Nowaczyk was plenipotentiary or directly beneficiary in matters related to reprivatization in the ul. Poznańska 14, ul. Marszałkowska 43, ul. Mokotowska 63 and Chmielna 70. He participated in 46 real estate performance processes in kind. In 2010-2015, the City of Warsaw paid more than 119 million PLNs in compensation to the patron's clients, including about 70 million PLNs for the benefit of their relatives.

In October last year, the prosecutor's office filed another indictment with the district court in Warsaw regarding the so-called Warsaw privatization scandal, which includes nine people, including Nowaczyk. The main allegations in the accusation are allegations of corruption.

"The promoted image of the monk has disappeared with a bang"

The former prime minister commented on the so-called Kaczyński tapes disclosed by Gazeta Wyborcza, the first of which was published on Tuesday related, among other things, to the plans to build an office building in Warsaw by the Srebrna company associated with Law and Justice.


Miller said the matter must be viewed from both political and legal points of view.

– In relation to this legal one, the matter is more complicated than it is thought. For example, because the act prohibits business activity by political parties, but not by deputies. She only creates restrictions, also stipulated in the constitution, that a deputy in conducting a company can not deal with investments in municipal and state property, "explains Leszek Miller.

However, in his opinion, Jarosław Kaczynski has a real problem in terms of image.

– An image of a monk promoted during many years, which is closed on Nowogrodzka street [warszawska siedziba PiS – red.] It only deals with the creation of the common good and mundane issues do not matter, it collapsed with an explosion – said the former prime minister.

He noticed that for many non-PiS '"sworn supporters", but people who are thinking of who to vote could be a "disgusting act."

– Perhaps a few percent will decide whether the PIA will retain power or not – said the former prime minister.

He added, however, that in his opinion, provided there was no clear centrifugal force in the PiS, the party would be safe. – Contrary to what one thinks, I do not think there are any significant changes in support for PiS and other groups, "he said.

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Source: TVN24, PAP

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