Sunday , July 25 2021

On April 18, electronic invoices will be applied to public procurement

The electronic invoices will be of suitable format so that they are automatically processed by computer systems. It is the result of the introduction of European law.

The Minister of Entrepreneurs and Technology Jadwiga Emilewicz said that electronic bills mean savings of time and money.

We want this good solution, as we are convinced, to become the most frequently chosen solution as soon as possible, not just on the public side, which is the obligation to accept electronic invoices. but also through business

– emphasized the minister.

He also expressed the hope that in the short term it would become a common standard in the relations between the administration and the companies, but also in the relations between companies and companies to clients. He stressed that the popularity of electronic services is constantly growing. These solutions are part of the implementation of the program "From paper to digital Poland".

On April 18, the contracting party will receive a structured invoice for orders over 30,000 euros and, from August 1, will cover all public orders.

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