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PiS has a coalition partner in Lower Silesia, the destination of Silesia and Masovia is weighing

The independent local government had no doubts. The government is offered to reduce its copper tax by 15 percent. The whole province, and especially Lubin, from which the leader comes, is to earn more than 400 million zlotys.

– It is possible to overthrow PiS in the interest of Lower Silesia – believes that Robert Raczyński, president of Lubin on behalf of the local Government, is not a partisan.

The advance was even more possible due to the fact that the local Government had the function of regional parliamentary marshal and two places in the council, in which the total number of seats was five.

– In Poland, about political divisions, you can speak – says Michał Dworczyk, head of the Prime Minister's office.

PiS does not hide euphoria, because it can prove that, nevertheless, it has capacity for the coalition, but even the local autonomous authorities have no illusions that it is not about ideals but on positions and money.

– Many tasks without cooperation with the government will be very difficult to implement – says Cezary Przybylski, Marshal of Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

President PiS organizes a conference to assure once again that the victory of his party in the elections "is not subject to doubts." As proof of this, it presents the division of mandates for regional diets, municipalities and municipalities. What are the next queries in …

"This is political corruption"

With such gifts of government, the Civic Coalition had no chance. Even on Tuesday morning, Grzegorz Schetyna spoke to local non-partisan local leaders, but heard that talks were suspended.

– Measured price, specific quantities, specific quantities and, therefore, the agreement. What the PiS does is political corruption. Local government officials are corrupt – the leader of the Civic Platform is talking about the whole situation.

The day after the election, the government's emissaries addressed Wroclaw with the question: what they can do to the non-partisan local Government, because it depended on them, which will govern in the Lower Silesian province.

They chose Tuesday after more than three weeks.

The decision of the local government officials means that the PiS can add the seventh voivodes to the list of those who will govern.

The fate of the next coalition is weighing in Silesia. The Coalition of the Civic Alliance with SLD and PSL is very likely. But it is enough that the councilor of the PSL goes to the PiS website and the coalition will be different. And PiS is tempting throughout Poland. – I would like to appeal to the leadership of the PSL, so that it does not block the possibility that PSL politicians enter into such agreements, said Adam Lipiński, Secretary of State for the Prime Minister's office.

On Friday, Sejm, the leaders of six parts: Grzegorz Schetyna (PO), Katarzyna Lubnauer (Nowoczesna), Barbara Nowacka (Inicjatywa Polska), Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz (PSL), Włodzimierz Czarzasty (SLD) and Elżbieta Bińczycka (European Union. ..

People's decision

Mazowieckie Voivodship is of great importance for the PiS and the Civic Coalition, and everything depends on the PSL. More specifically, Adam Struzik, who ruled Mazovia in the coalition with the PO for 17 years.

– This coalition should continue with this mission – thinks Adam Struzik.

The platform has no way out. She accepted that Adam Struzik would continue being a marshal, although the ludovista lost half of its previous seats.

– There are several types of controversial issues in the negotiations, which we must explain – says Marcin Kierwński of the OP on conversations with PSL. What? – These are, for example, matters related to the board of directors and matters related to the presidency of the regional council – he adds.

PiS is still not mining the possibility of dragging some advisers at his side. As stated by the opposition, by different methods. Katarzyna Lubnauer cited a situation in which one of the counselors in the name of Nowoczesna offered a position in an energy company in exchange for moving from one political bloc to another.

Everything will be clear on Monday, at the first session of the regional council.

Adam Struzik must be a quarterback, but only for half a year. Then he goes to the European Parliament from the common opposition list.

Local non-governmental distributors in the party. Here the fate of the coalition that will rule the region still weighs. And what is interesting, only non-partisan activists will decide which party will govern there. Arkadiusz Wierzuk.

Author: Katarzyna Koledna-Zaleska
Source: facts of TVN

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