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Red Dead Redemption 2 – melee combat, how to win fights •

In RDR 2 you will often face the need (or the possibility) of hitting your fist. This applies to both roles and secondary tasks. The battles differ significantly from those of one or GTA 5, so it's worth knowing the rules governed by them.

This is important, among other things, because confrontations can not be won with just one button. There is no way to take a fast punching girl and win the battle in a few seconds. The opponents are always strong and do not fall on the boards after a few strokes.

In this guide you will learn how to control during a melee fight, how to win the duels and use white weapons.

Mucus control

Before arriving at the details, it is worth remembering how to launch attacks and perform specific actions during the drama in RDR 2. Although the system does not seem complicated, you can not choose the type of blow: it gives you many possibilities, thanks to which each fight is different

  • Square / X – lock or dodge (while moving)
  • Kłko / B – attack
  • Trjkąt / Y – Take the opponent or cook
  • Square / X + direction – Shoot the opponent during the handle
  • Kłko / B (pressing repeatedly) – getting rid of the grip

How to roll and win duels

As soon as the fight begins, you must focus effective defense. Keep the guard and wait for the opponent's blow. If you respond at the indicated time (immediately after the adversary's movement), he will do a counterattack. It's a great way to take the duel calmly.

It should be noted, however, that resisting and avoiding persecutions consumes energy – so you can not do it forever.

You can combine your blows in double or double combinations by clicking on the attack button several times. Do not forget too – the more you go, the greater the chance of the opponent making a successful block and breaking the counterattack.

The clips are not as safe as an attack on a regular basis, but they can fight. When you hold your opponent, you can kick it or play it in the direction you want. There is also a throttle option – available during the tie or after throwing the adversary to the ground floor.


Some more tips:

  • Fight against Red Dead Redemption 2 is a battle wasting and fatigue. You can not win a fist duel with some blows. Keep calm and take your time
  • If you move in any direction while holding down the throat button, you will perform an effective dodge, which can also be combined with a counter attack
  • If you wear a hat during a fight, the hero loses after the first precise jaw stroke. However, it is worth remembering that the hat can be easily found
  • You can start the fight yourself focusing on a particular person (and including the interaction menu) and selecting the Hitch option several times. However, not everyone is willing to fight

Can they use weapons with the bosses during the confrontations?

Unfortunately, hand-to-hand combat on Red Dead Redemption 2 is a separate mechanic that has its own rules. One is that you can not recover ground tools and you can not eliminate inventory weapons.

Aside from the fights, of course, you can use knives or axes, but when the configuration is started, this option is blocked.

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