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Stan Le is dead. The stars say goodbye to the author of Marvel comics

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The world gave goodbye to Stan Lee. Marvel comics author and co-creator of, among others, Spider-Man, died at age 95. The stars mention the dead scriptwriter.

Stan Lee is dead This tragic news impressed the fanatics of the world, but also all those who over the years had the opportunity to collaborate personally with the legendary creator of Marvel comics.

Stan Lee He died at age 95 on November 12, 2018. Service of varieties said that Stan Lee He died at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after an ambulance had been called in his house. The author has been sick for years. Recently he fought among others with pneumonia. The writer and screenwriter immediately began to bid farewell to the stars.

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Stan Le is dead. The stars say goodbye to the legend

There will never be another Stan Lee again. Throughout the decades, he has provided new and young adventures, escape, comfort, self-confidence, strength, friendship and joy. He emanated from love and goodness and would leave an indelible mark in himself, so many people.

– he wrote on Twitter Chris Evanswho played in Capitan America.

Thanks, Stan, for everything.

Say goodbye to Stan Lee Travis Scott.

Rest in peace, Stan Lee. A genius that has given the world so many great comics.

– We read about the profile Morgan's breast.

Shit … rest in peace, Stan Lee. Thanks for everything.

– wrote the Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds.

We lose our creative genius. Stan Lee was a pioneer in the world of superheroes. I am proud that it was a small part of his legacy and … He could help the life of one of his characters.

– we are reading on Twitter from the star of Wolverine – Hugh Jackman.

In memory of Stan Le. It was an honor to be part of the Big Bang Theory. Thanks for being a superhero in real life for so many generations. Your legend will last.

– Lemos Big Bang Theory on Facebook.

Stan Lee
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Stan Lee

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