Monday , April 12 2021

UODO warns against hypocrisy in RODO

The Office of Personal Data Protection (UODO) has issued a notice against the attempts to pursue the money, which may be the victim of many Polish businessmen. Scammers operate in a very simple way, remembering the well-known excuses of "entries in the registry," this time with all pretending to be under the UODO.

Observe the letters on "verification activities"

The complainants denounce the victim who allegedly "verified" and found irregularities related to the provisions of the General Regulation on personal data protection (GDPR). In relation to alleged irregularities, they request the payment of an "optional rate" to the indicated account and threaten that, if not paid, an additional penalty may be produced, the amount of which determines by "up to 20 million euros or up to 4% of the value of turnover of the company ".

To authenticate your writing, an image of an eagle is placed therein, the name and signature are selected. The data that appears in the headlines is associated with UODO. All of this brings businessmen into error and convinces them to pay the "optional rate", which is definitely less than the sanctions against which they have reported frauds.

This is another attempt to deceive by making reference to ROPE. In the July and August 2018 tour, some entrepreneurs were dealing with fake UODO controllers. Now fraudsters are trying to get money by sending out false invitations. Because such action can be carried out on a large scale, I recommend special caution, the accurate reading of correspondence and the verification of entities that demand payment of us

– says Dr. Edyta Bielak-Jomaa, president of the Office for the Protection of Personal Data.

The Office of Entrepreneurs who received such letters informed the Office about attempts to extort payments on the pretext of violations of the GDPR. His suspicions were raised due to the fact that they received letters, despite the fact that UODO did not control them. Therefore, it was impossible to detect any irregularities.

The president of the Office of Personal Data Protection warns all those who have received this correspondence so that they do not make payments to the account provided in the letters and they receive the letter of the judicial authorities.

According to TVN24, in response to the repeated attempts to choke money "in the RODO", the government adopted a project to modify the Criminal Code, which is supposed to be a crime of such practices.

It should be noted that it is enough to pay attention to the meaning of the term "optional fee" so that the fraudsters' letter leaves where it belongs. According to the predictive meaning, the teacher fee is not more than an optional fee, which you do not have to pay.

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